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S. No.          Measure                   Objective               Data Items to be collected               Units of       Formula for Measure
                                                                                                          Data Item

                                                                a) Actual efforts spent on various
                                                                activities/tasks/ work products
                                  To improve/refine the         b) Estimated efforts for various
  1           Effort Variance     estimation model              activities/tasks/ work products              %age              (a-b)/b *100

                                 To understand our capability   a)Total no. of tickets / feature
                                 to support critical            requests for the period ( sev 1&2)
         Schedule Compliance/SLA applications and improve       b) Total no. of tickets / feature
  2            Compliance        the same                       requests resolved with in SLA                %age               (b/a)*100

                                  To keep a check on efforts    a)Hours spent on resolving re-open
              Re-work Effort      spent on customer reported    defects
  3           (Defect Effort)     defects                       b)Total Hours spent                          %age               a/b*100
                                  To work out resource
                                  requirements and improve
                                  productivity of production    a) No of Tickets                          no of tickets
  4            Productivity       support                       b) Hours spent in resolving the tickets    per hour               (a/b)

                                  To improve the defects
                                  generated at later stage and a) Errors found in reviews
  5        Review Effectiveness   improve the review process b) Errors found in Internal testing             %age             (a/(a+b))*100
  Release Date : 11/20/09

NT Metrics
          Units of         Formula for Measure
         Data Item

             %age                 (a-b)/b *100

             %age                  (b/a)*100

             %age                   a/b*100

        no of tickets
         per hour                     (a/b)

             %age                (a/(a+b))*100

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