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Analyze the Bill Gate’s Personality and explain the Charismatic and Transformational
Characteristics found in his personality.

Define the personality Traits of Bill Gates and characteristics that reflects that he has been
a creative personality.

                                       Charismatic Characteristics

     Vision:
Bill Gates had a long term vision this we came to know when he had vision to have a computer
on every desk and Microsoft software on every computer.

     Risk Taker:
Bill Gates was a risk taker because he dropped out of Harvard to devote his energies full-time to
Microsoft. Because of his risk taking ability we all are using the products of Microsoft today.

     Energy:
Bill Gates was never tired of working and was full of energy. Bill Gates always uses to say that
never stop learning. So he was self motivated towards work.

     Unconventional Strategies:
Bill Gates was different and had different plans than the others. Therefore in order to achieve
them he had unconventional strategies. Every single student would have wanted to be part of the
great institute and graduate to be successful, but Bill Gates had a different strategy than the rest.

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                                  Transformational Characteristics:

     Long Term Perspective:
Bill Gates always had a dream and he used to think about the long term. Bill Gates said that he
predicted that Microsoft would provide over twice the productivity improvement that they
provided in the 90’s.

     Committed to Greatness
Bill Gates always wanted to become the perfectionist as making the vision of computer on every
desk with a Microsoft software possible needed someone perfectionist like Bill Gates.

Moreover, Bill Gates was a hard worker as he used to sleep only for 6 hours in a day without
skipping a single day of office.

     Creating a sense of Urgency
Bill Gates does not want to slow down the progress and always had a sense of urgency in his
approach. Gates never showed any signs of slowing down and he continues to fuel his business,
inspire his workers and make his contribution to the global village.

     Self Fulfillment
Bill Gates always wanted to do better than others and for this reason he has constantly tried to
keep his company at the forefront of new technological developments by funding new research

                                       Personality Characteristics:

     Team Player
Bill Gates was not only a very good leader but was also a very good team player. He trusted
others as well as others trusted him which is an important feature of team player.

     Team Leader
Bill Gates was a great leader he wanted to carry out the work in small teams and was responsible
for all the activities of Microsoft. He initiated the concepts of team work in Microsoft and
because of which the company enjoyed go
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