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									This Job Training Policy provides that each new employee will be properly trained and
the first three months is considered a probationary period. New employees will be
trained by a co-worker to expand their skills and knowledge. They are encouraged to
take full advantage of this learning opportunity. The policy can be customized to reflect
the specific training policy of the employer. This is useful to employers that have a
training policy and should be included in the company manual.
                                           Job Training Policy

We believe that each employee comes to our company with a unique set of job skills and
experiences that enable them to do their job. At the same time, we feel that each employee has
room to grow and expand their skills by engaging in training programs and learning from their

When you are hired, the first three months (90 days) is considered a probationary period. During
this time you will be trained by a co-worker. The employee should avail themselves of all
training and learning opportunities during this time.

This time is an opportunity to strengthen your skills and set a firm foundation to work from in
the future. As such, ask questions and speak up if you do not understand something. Use each
learning opportunity to your full advantage as it will only benefit you in the future.

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