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									This Job Offer template provides the format for a job offer letter to be sent to a job
candidate. This document is used to put the terms of employment in writing and to
provide information to the applicant. It includes the start date, the starting salary, and
other standard provisions. This letter also contains a standard technology agreement
that assigns rights in patents and inventions developed in the course of employment to
the company. This document is useful to employers when offering a position to a
qualified candidate.



Dear Mr./Ms. ____________:
[Company] is pleased to offer you the position of _____________ for its operation located in
______. This Offer of Employment is based on our mutual acceptance of the following
conditions of employment:
Your employment will commence on [Date] or on a date mutually convenient
for both yourself and the company. Company will assume financial responsibility for
processing the required business visitor visa. For the initial few week/months of employment
with the Company, if necessary, you will be in training often working from offices in the
United States or Europe.
Your starting base salary will be __________ monthly or ________ biweekly (XX paychecks
per year). This equals an annual salary of ________________. You will not be entitled to
work overtime unless otherwise instructed.
This offer of employment is contingent upon your passing a drug screening arranged by
Company offices in ______________.

You will report to [name] and your hiring manager is [name].


Some travel, either domestic or international, will be expected for the successful completion
of job duties. Please understand that business travel may require periods of absence from
your home especially during the start-up of the business.
When traveling on behalf of Company, including within _________ operating a Company
vehicle, an employee is considered to be a “goodwill ambassador” of the Company and is
expected to refrain from conduct which potentially might harm the Company's public
image or which might adversely affect customer goodwill. Accordingly, while traveling
for the Company, an employee's conduct should conform to generally accepted social
standards, including following all local, state and federal laws at home and abroad. If an
employee commits any illegal act or otherwise violates this policy while traveling for the
Company, management reserves the right to take disciplinary action, up to and including
Your manager will monitor your performance during the initial six (6) months of employment to
assure you are meeting Company performance standards and expectations. You will be reviewed
and considered for a salary increases every [date], unless special circumstances or promotion
warrant action during the year. You will be eligible for your first consideration for salary
increase on [date]. Please be aware that any increase awarded in 20__ may be prorated based on
your start date in 20__.
Compensation increases are based on performance, attainment of goals, cost of living or job
market consideration, and business conditions at the time of review.

Company provides its management employees with an Annual Christmas Bonus paid at the
end of the calendar year. This Bonus is targeted at thirty (30) days of salary. You will be
eligible for a prorated Annual Christmas Bonus in December, 20__.
The specific terms and conditions for you to become eligible to the aforementioned bonuses
will be provided to you upon execution of the employment contract.

Please review, sign and return the attached Technology Agreement.


You will earn ten (10) days of vacation per year. After two years of employment, beginning
January 1, 20__, you will be eligible for fifteen (15) days of vacation per year. You will receive
a __% Vacation Bonus paid on your anniversary date and based on your total annual vacation


It is understood that any and all information you gain through your employment at
Company regarding our products, customers, suppliers, personnel, processes or financial
data is to be considered the intellectual property of Company. Therefore, a violation of the
confidentiality of these products (et. al) will be considered a detriment to the business
operations of the Company Group and addressed appropriately.

[Name], we want to welcome you to the Group. We sincerely hope that you will look favorably
upon this Offer of Employment and will join our company as we continue through a very
exciting phase of our growth. We look forward to working with you towards our mutual
Company goals and objectives.

Sincerely yours,

                                     Technology Agreement

I, ____________________, an employee of [Company] (herein after called “Company”) in
consideration of my employment by Company agree that:
I will perform for Company such duties as may be designated by Company from time to time
and will promptly disclose and assign to Company for its use in the United States and elsewhere
all my rights and interests in any and all ideas, improvements and inventions, patentable or un-
patentable, which I make, alone or jointly with others, resulting from any work done by me for
Company or at its request, between the date of my employment by Company and for the year
after the date of termination of my employment with Company.
I will execute and deliver to Company or its nominees or assignees, upon request at any time all
patent applications, assignments or other lawful documents deemed necessary or desirable by
Company to enable Company or its nominees or assignees, to have and to hold the full and
exclusive ownership and benefit of such ideas, improvements and inventions, including but not
limited to patents, as were developed by me for Company during my employment. I will at all
times hold in confidence and not disclose directly or indirectly to anyone other than authorized
personnel of Company any information, formula, method, practice, know-how or customer list,
either made available to me, obtained by me, developed by me or otherwise obtained directly or
indirectly from Company and its employees during the period of my employment that involves
any confidential, proprietary or trade secret matter relating to Company's business unless the
information, formula, method, practice or know-how disclosed has been authorized for disclosure
by Company or is in the public domain.
Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed to create in or assign to Company any
rights or interests in ideas, improvements, inventions or products made or developed by me
during my employment by Company if such ideas, improvements, inventions, or products were
made or developed by me on my own time and not at the suggestion or direction of Company
and which are not derived from or do not use in whole or in part ideas, improvements,
inventions, or products made by me as part of my employment for Company.
Upon termination of my employment with Company, I will return to Company all data and
other tangible property furnished to me by Company or obtained by me as a consequence
of my employment by Company.


                                    OFFER ACCEPTANCE

I have read, understand, and agree to the conditions of employment as outlined in the
Offer of Employment.
I understand that my employment with Company is for no definite period and may be
terminated by the Company or myself in the terms stated by law.
The terms and conditions of this Offer are not meant to supersede any legal or
compliance requirements which may not be addressed in this Offer of Employment.
By accepting this offer I acknowledge that I will be an employee of Company.

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