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									This job description policy identifies a policy of a company that each department shall
have and maintain job descriptions that relate to the various jobs that are included in
each of the departments. The company uses the data as a basis for making
improvements, development of performance appraisals, promotion criteria, and training
needs assessment. This document provides a standard job description policy, but it
may be customized to reflect the unique policy of any company. It should be
incorporated into an employee handbook or distributed individually to employees.
                                              Job Description Policy

It is the company’s policy for each department to periodically update various job descriptions to
reflect the changing needs of the company.

Job descriptions are maintained in order for employees to have a guideline as to the duties and
responsibilities relating to a specific position. Employees are often asked to assist the company
in updating job descriptions. Job descriptions are not final or absolute, and they change as the
needs of the business change.

The company appreciates the cooperation of employees during the process of updating job

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