Job Description Template

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									This Job Description Template is used to describe the roles and responsibilities of
employees in a given position within a company. After the employees complete the job
description template, the company uses the data as a basis for making improvements,
development of performance appraisals, promotion criteria, and training needs
assessment. This document contains standard information that is asked of employees
and may be customized to fit the specific needs of the company and its employees.
This is a useful tool that should be utilized by a company's human resources
                              Job Description Template

   1. Contents

The purpose of a job description is to describe the roles and responsibilities of a given job,
qualifications and benefit information.

The job description should describe a position within your company, and not a specific person.
Use the job title rather than a person’s name in the table for reporting line and substitute

The supervisor of the position being hired for should create the job description, in conjunction
with the Human Relations department. The signed original of the job description should be filed
with the HR department.

   2. Purpose

For new roles within your company, create a job description in advance of your candidate search.
The job description will assist in the recruiting process.

Once you have hired your new employee, it’s important to review the job description with her to
ensure her understanding of her new role at your company. Retain a copy signed by both the
supervisor and the new employee, and send one copy to HR.

Review the job description each quarter and update as roles and responsibilities change or
increase. When a new employee takes over the role, update to better reflect how the role has

   3. Scope

The scope of the job description will vary, depending on the type of employee you are hiring
(contract workers, part time employees and freelancers are not subject to the same job
qualifications as full time).

   4. Definitions

      Job title: Use job titles based on the position titles your organization utilizes
      Function: One to two sentence overview of the role you’re hiring for.

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                                                                        Job Description Template
               Supervisor: Include both technical supervisor title (person who makes decisions that
                indirectly affect position) as well as disciplinary supervisor (person who directly works
                with new hire on career development and employee issues).
               Roles/Responsibilities: List of required skills you have for the position you’re hiring.
               Preferences: Skills that are nice to have, but not required for this role.
               Benefits: Compensation, stock options, health and life insurance, vacation.

  Job Description Template
   Job Title

   Function                                                                      Responsibilities


   Roles/ Responsibilities


   Qualification / Education

   site, date                                                                  site, date

   ..................................................................                               ..................................................................
                                       Supervisor                                                                                         Employee

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                                          Job Description Template

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