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									This document sets forth the hiring policy for a company and also addresses hiring from
within the company. As drafted, this form provides procedures for the company or its
human resources department to follow when recruiting, interviewing, and selecting a job
candidate. This form is intended to provide standard language and can be modified to
fit the hiring and recruiting needs of any company. This provision would be an important
addition to an employee handbook.
                                 Employee Selection Policy

It is our company's policy to always hire the employee who is best suited and most
qualified for the position after a careful review of the all the applicants, as compared
against the needs of the job. All applicants are required to complete a job application and
submit a resume. If, after an initial review of the resume and application, the employee
looks to be a match, an interview will be scheduled. The Human Resource Department
will check references, perform background checks, and run a credit report.

The company encourages in-house employees to apply for any position that they may be
interested in within the company. It will still, however, be necessary for them to
complete an application.

This company affirmatively opposes discrimination in the workplace, and this includes
the hiring process. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for any available
positions. This company will make all efforts to avoid discrimination on the basis of all
non-relevant factors, including but not limited to: ethnicity, country of origin, disability,
gender, __________, and marital status.

{Instruction & Note: Each state has its own list of protected classes of people, and the
above list is NOT exhaustive. Each company should ensure that the above list includes
all protected classes. In addition, a company may wish to add other classes, even if
they are not provided official state or federal recognition. (e.g., sexual orientation,
marital status, etc., or any other factor(s) important to your company.)}

NOTE: If any applicant feels that he or she has been discriminated against during any
part of the applicant process, that applicant is encouraged to direct those concerns to our
Human       Resources     Department,      at     ______________,       ________________
OF AUTHORIZED PERSON]. All complaints will be treated with sensitivity and with
the greatest amount of confidentiality permitted by law.

      Supervisors and department heads who need to fill a job opening or want to add a
       new job position should submit an employment requisition to the Human
       Resources Department for approval. All requisitions will be reviewed, but those
       for new job positions will be evaluated in greater detail before being approved.
      The Company normally will try to fill job openings above entry level by
       promoting from within, if qualified internal applicants are available. In addition,
       the Company normally will give consideration to any known qualified individuals
       who are on layoff status before recruiting applicants from outside the

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      If candidates from within the Company are to be considered for job openings, the
       Human Resources Department will post the openings in accordance with company
       policy. Current employee candidates for the openings will be considered and
      If candidates from outside the Company are to be considered for job openings, the
       Human Resources Department will be responsible for recruiting the candidates
       and should use the recruitment methods and sources it considers appropriate to fill
       the openings.
      During the recruitment, hiring, and orientation process, no statement should be
       made promising permanent or guaranteed employment; and no document should
       be called a contract unless, in fact, a written employment agreement is to be used.
       All employees of the Company should be aware that, as a general rule,
       employment with the Company is at will and therefore, employees should not
       make any representations to the contrary.
      When candidates from outside the Company are to be considered for job
       openings, the following procedures should be implemented:

                 (a) Any candidate for employment must fill out and sign an employment
         application form in order to be considered for hiring. Upon completion of the
         application, the candidate becomes an applicant for purposes of Company record-

                 (b) The Human Resources Department will consider requests for
         accommodation of disabilities and religious beliefs and will determine what, if
         any, accommodation will be made.

                 (c) Applicants determined to be qualified for consideration for available
         job openings will be interviewed by the Human Resources Department and given
         any tests required for the job.

                 (d) If the Human Resources Department determines that the applicant is
         qualified for employment, a second interview should be arranged between the
         applicant and the head of the department with the job opening.

                 (e) The department head has the responsibility to determine whether an
         applicant has the technical qualifications for the open position and meets the other
         job-related criteria necessary to perform the job. The decision whether to hire the
         applicant is to be made by the department head, but also must have the approval
         of the Human Resources Department.

                (f) Following a decision to hire the applicant, the Human Resources
         Department will make an offer of employment which should include any
         necessary contingencies or disclaimers. The Human Resources Department then

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         will determine whether the applicant has the legal right to work in the United
         States and, where appropriate, will conduct credit, personal reference, driving
         record, and criminal conviction checks. A prior conviction, taken by itself, will
         not necessarily disqualify an applicant. If the applicant accepts the offer and a
         medical examination is required, the Human Resources Department should
         arrange it.

                 (g) If the background, medical, or any other subsequent investigation
         discloses any misrepresentation on the application form or information indicating
         that the individual is not suited for employment with the Company, the applicant
         will be refused employment or, if already employed, may be terminated.

                (h) The Human Resources Department is responsible for orientation of
         new employees and the processing of their employment forms; the supervisor is
         responsible for any necessary job training.
      A member of an employee’s immediate family will be considered for employment
       by the Company if the applicant possesses all the qualifications for employment.
       An immediate family member may not be hired, however, if the employment

                 (a) Create either a direct or indirect supervisor/subordinate relationship
         with a family member; or

                 (b) Create either an actual conflict of interest or the appearance of a
         conflict of interest.

         These criteria also will be considered when assigning, transferring, or promoting
         an employee. For purposes of this policy, “immediate family” includes: the
         employee’s spouse, brother, sister, parents, children, stepchildren, father-in-law,
         mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and any
         other member of the employee’s household.
      Employees who marry or become members of the same household may continue
       employment as long as there is not:

               (a) A direct or indirect supervisor/subordinate relationship between the
         employees; or

                 (b) An actual conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.
         Should one of the above situations occur the Company will attempt to find a
         suitable position within the Company to which one of the affected employees may
         transfer. If accommodations of this nature are not feasible, the employees will be
         permitted to determine which of them will resign.

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      The Company is taking affirmative action as required by law to employ and
       advance in employment qualified veterans of foreign conflicts and those with
       diagnosed disabilities. The Company also is taking affirmative action as required
       by law to employ and advance in employment qualified individuals without
       regard to race, sex, religion, or national origin. Former employees who left the
       Company in good standing may be considered for reemployment. Former
       employees who resigned without written notice or who were dismissed for
       disciplinary reasons may not be considered for reemployment. A former
       employee who is reemployed will be considered a new employee from the date of
       reemployment unless the break in service is less than thirty days, in which case
       the employee will retain accumulated seniority. Length of service for the
       purposes of benefits is governed by the terms of each benefit plan. Employees
       who retire may be eligible, in certain circumstances, to be considered for rehire.
         Orientation. Following an acceptance of an offer of employment, all new
         employees will be given a start date and location to report for an orientation
         session. Orientation is paid. During the orientation, the new employees will be
         given workplace rules, policies and other information about their positions.
         Authorization forms and policies must be signed at this time BEFORE actual
         work is performed and before they are sent for a meeting with their new
         department manager.
{Instruction: Paragraph above is optional. Cross out or delete if your company does
not have a formal orientation.}

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