Employee Possession of Unlawful Materials


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									This document provides a template provision that sets out company rules for searching
an employee if the employee is suspected of possessing unlawful materials. Such a
provision should be included in an employee handbook or some other employment
document that includes company employment policy. This provision contains standard
language that allows a company to search the employee's desk, automobile, locker, or
their person if the company is notified that the employee could be in possession of
unlawful items.
Employee Possession of Unlawful Materials-Company Policy

If it comes to the attention of the company that an employee could be in possession of
unlawful items, the company reserves the right to search for these possessions. This
search may extend to the employees desk, their person, automobile or locker.

It is within the rights of the employee to request that a police officer conduct the search
of their body. Under normal circumstances, the company would not call the police, but
would have two managers present for any search.

If an employee refuses a search, disciplinary action may result including termination.

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