Employee Biweekly Time Sheet Template

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This MS-Excel formatted Employee Biweekly Time Sheet template can be used by individuals to keep track of, and report to management, the employee's project related hours over a given two-week period. This basic template allows an employee to enter regular hours worked, overtime hours worked, sick time used, and vacation time used. This worksheet is useful to a company manager or human resources officer that is seeking a spreadsheet to document and record employee hours worked.

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									Biweekly Time Sheet
[Company Name]
[Project Name]

[Street Address]                                                Pay period start date:   6/1/2010
[Address 2]                                                     Pay period end date:     6/14/2010
[City, ST ZIP Code]

Employee Name:                                                  Employee phone:
Manager Name:                                                   Employee e-mail:

                                        Regular      Overtime
 Day                                                                  Sick         Vacation          Total
                                         Hours        Hours

 Monday               6/1/2010

 Tuesday              6/2/2010

 Wednesday            6/3/2010

 Thursday             6/4/2010

 Friday               6/5/2010

 Saturday             6/6/2010

 Sunday               6/7/2010

 Monday               6/8/2010

 Tuesday              6/9/2010

 Wednesday            6/10/2010

 Thursday             6/11/2010

 Friday               6/12/2010

 Saturday             6/13/2010

 Sunday               6/14/2010

                      Total hours

                      Rate per hour

                      Total pay

                                      Employee signature                                 Date

                                      Manager signature                                  Date
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