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									Employee Drug Screening
This policy sets out specific rules regarding drug and alcohol consumption during work
hours and consequences if drugs or alcohol are used by an employee. The purpose of
the policy is to ensure a safe working environment and promote productivity. This policy
provides for drug and alcohol testing as the employer deems necessary and explains
that violation of the policy will result in discipline, including possible termination. This
document contains standard provisions and may be modified to reflect a company's
specific policy. It should be utilized by the human resources department within a
                                    Drug Screening Policy
It is the policy of                           [PROVIDE NAME OF COMPANY] not to
permit the use of illegal drugs or the abuse of alcohol by any company employee. The
company reserves the right to require employee drug tests for drugs and alcohol use. The
company may order these tests as they deem necessary, and drug testing is considered a
continuing condition of employment. Suspension will result if an employee refuses to
take a drug test. An employee who tests positive for drugs or alcohol may be suspended,
or subject to discipline or both, and could ultimately be discharged. In addition, this
company reserves the right to immediately terminate an employee who tests positive, if
the particular circumstances call for this step.

1. For the purposes of this policy "Drug Test" will include testing for alcohol.

2. If a test is called for, the employee will NOT be tested for anything other than drugs
and alcohol. (For example, no test will check for pregnancy, disabilities, etc.)

3. If a Drug Test is positive, that employee will be notified and will have the opportunity
to have that same sample re-tested, at company expense. Employee will also have the
right to have that same sample, or a portion thereof, to be tested at a licensed facility of
the employee's choosing, as long as the employee bears the full cost of this outside test.

4. This policy allows--after a positive test--for an employee discussion with a qualified
medical review officer ("MRO"). A positive drug test may be the result of a lawfully
prescribed medication or ingestion of lawful substances. The employee will be given the
opportunity to explain away a positive drug test. Since this company values the privacy
of its employees, and such explanation should be given to the MRO, and not to the
employer. This will prevent possible invasion of privacy and discrimination concerns.

5. If an employee knows in advance that a prescribed medication can or will result in a
positive test, he or she may choose to bring this information to the attention of Human
Resources in advance. Human Resources will verify this information and document it,
and will act to the greatest extent practical to maintain that employee's confidential
information. And if dissemination of that information is necessary, it will be given out in
as limited a fashion/amount as possible. Any such information will not be included in an
employee's regular work-file/employment records, to help ensure its confidentiality.

6. Under all circumstances, it is an employee's responsibility to show up at work not
under the influence of any drug--legal or illegal, prescribed or over-the-counter. If an
employee is prescribed medication that he or she believes may impact his or her ability to
carry out the usual job functions, or to safely operate any workplace vehicle, machine, or
device, employee MUST IMMEDIATELY notify his or her supervisor or Human
Resources before resuming work. Failure to do this may create a dangerous workplace
environment for this employee or for his or her co-workers, and an employee who fails to
provide such notification may be subject to immediate suspension and may be subject to
significant civil or even criminal sanctions.

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7. All testing will be done at an accredited facility, or at ______________ [PROVIDE
SAFEGUARDED]. Testing will be performed by an accredited technician.
{Instruction: If a company arranges for testing in a place that is a public or semi-
public location, that company may be violating employees' privacy rights. Companies
should ensure that there is a fully private and secure location, if there is to be on-site

By signing, below, I acknowledge that I have read and understood all of the above Drug
Testing policy. I acknowledge that I have been given an additional copy of this policy,
and that I understand that I may obtain another copy from Human Resources at any time,
in confidence, and may discuss any matter covered by this policy with a designated
person from Human Resources.

Signed this _____ Day of __________________, 201____

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