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									This Drug and Alcohol Policy sets out specific rules regarding drug and alcohol
consumption during work hours and consequences if drugs or alcohol are used by an
employee. The purpose of the policy is to ensure a safe working environment and
promote productivity. This policy provides for drug and alcohol testing as the employer
deems necessary and explains that violation of the policy will result in discipline,
including possible termination. This document contains standard provisions and may be
modified to reflect a company's specific policy. It should be utilized by the human
resources department within a company.
                          Employee Drug & Alcohol Policy
This Employee Drug and Alcohol Use Policy (the “Policy”) is made the ____ day of
__________, 2____, by ___________________________ (the “Company”).

This Policy affects all employees of the Company while at the Company’s place of
business or while attending any Company sanctioned or related event, activity or

The Company has a strict Policy that prohibits possession, consumption or the
manufacture of illegal drugs or alcohol on Company property. The Company has a no
tolerance policy with respect to this Policy and any employee found in violation of this
Policy, can be subject to immediate termination and/or mandatory drug and alcohol
rehabilitation as a condition of continued employment.

Our Policy is:

1.      Using prescription drugs for which you do not have a prescription is a violation of
this Policy;
2.      Any unlawful possession, consumption or distribution of illegal drugs while on
the premises is a violation of Company Policy;
3.      Any violation of this Policy will subject you to discipline, including possible
4.      If you are arrested, you must notify the Human Resources Department
5.      The Company has the right to perform drug/alcohol testing as they deem
6.      The Company has the right to search your personal property and person, on the
Company premises, if they suspect that you are in possession of illegal drugs or alcohol.


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