Customer Return Report


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									A Customer Return Report is a blank form used by companies selling goods to the
public to keep track of returns that are made by customers. The form includes columns
for listing the item, the quantities ordered, a description of the item, a unit count, the unit
price, and the total amount of the items. There is also an Office Administration section
that includes information such as the customer order number, the store order number,
commission paid, the sales person who sold the item, and the date the credit to the
customer was issued. Additionally, it can be customized to provide for any additional
industry specific language that may be necessary. This form should be used by small
businesses that want to provide customers with a method of returning goods.
Customer Return Report
                                                               Report Date

                                                               Report #

                                                               Date of Return
Ship To
                                                               Time of Return

                                                               Filed By

Item           Quantity             Description               Unit Count           Unit     Total
               Ordered                                                             Price   Amount

Office Administration Section
Date Shipped                                  Salesperson

Customer Order #                              Commission Paid

Our Order #                                   Credit Issue Date

Special Notes
                                Date          Signature

                                Credit to issue customer __Yes __ No (explain below)

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