Customer Relationship Policy


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									This Customer Relationship Policy is created to promote positive interaction between
the company's employees and the company's customers. A customer relations policy
promotes positive growth of the company by making employees aware of this
relationship because positive customer relations is essential to both job performance
and the company's overall growth. Additionally, the policy can be customized to provide
for any additional industry specific language that may be necessary. Use this form help
employees become aware of the importance of positive customer relationship.
                             Customer Relationship Policy

All employees at one time or another, regardless of position, deal with our customers. As
such, employees are expected to represent themselves with integrity, courtesy, and
professionalism at all times. This means not only being friendly on the business premises,
but during your day to day interactions with the public. The person you deal with at a
stop light could be out next customer.

Other things can influence our reputation and how we are perceived by our customers,
such as your phone conduct, transferring calls promptly and politely, giving updates
before being asked, smiling and cheerfully greeting all visitors and customers. These
things can go a long way in improving and maintaining our customer service, and the
public perception of our company.

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