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									This template establishes a compensation schedule for subscribers to a specific model
of a product. The different compensation amounts depend on the time the subscriber
spends managing the model. There are five (5) different levels of subscriber
compensation: limited, low, medium, active, and special. This template can easily be
customized by the user to fit the needs of a specific industry or service. This template
should be used by small businesses or other entities that wish to compensate
subscribers of their product.
                                      PUBLISHER COMPENSATION SCHEDULE
                        Please when form is completed click on email text or by fax to 000 000 000.
   You choose the level of compensation for subscribers to your model. This is typically based on the time you
   spend managing the model. Review the management level definitions and choose your preferred compensation.
   Management Level                  Usual Characteristics
   Special                           High frequency trading. Actively managed and researched
   Active                            Higher frequency trading. Significant research input
   Medium                            Low turnover
   Low                               Low turnover and rebalancing
   Limited                           Infrequent or quarterly rebalancing

   Select your model type and preferred subscription amount - check only 1 box.

              Management           Publisher Compensation per                    Minimum                           Management
              Level                  Subscriber per annum^                 Subscription Amount*                    Fee Charged*

              Limited                           $25                                 $5,000                             0.50%
              Limited                           $75                               $25,000                              0.50%

              Limited                         $120                                $50,000                              0.50%

              Low                               $50                                 $5,000                             0.75%
              Low                             $120                                $25,000                              0.75%
              Low                             $200                                $50,000                              0.75%

              Medium                            $75                                 $5,000                             1.10%
              Medium                          $120                                $25,000                              1.10%
              Medium                          $200                                $50,000                              1.10%

              Active                          $120                                  $5,000                             1.50%
              Active                          $200                                $25,000                              1.50%
              Active                          $400                                $50,000                              1.50%

              Special                         $200                                $10,000                              2.30%
              Special                         $400                                $25,000                              2.30%
              Special                         $600                                $50,000                              2.30%
              Special                       $1,250                               $100,000                              2.30%

    We approve the chosen compensation level and reserves the right to amend this. Compensation is paid quarterly in arrears by check. Payments
   under $100 may be withheld until the next payment cycle. Clients also have the option to purchase the data directly and arrange their own
   management services.
     Company sets a global subscription minimum for each model and reserves the right to amend such minimums and client management fees at its
                                                                                                    FOR OFFICE USE ONLY

Name         __________________________________                             Company Reference        ______________________________
                                                                            When reference is assigned click on the file icon for storage

Signature      __________________________________

Date         __________________________________
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È¬â        Ì8 ±çX±P¥H0¤j±þ Ù§§£ÏÙ ic- Ÿ{Ñs? •lnh½ž‚o = Ók ¶•  g¨ ÷KØæ‹ [©¶ ]¶m¾J°-[ßæ ¶áóµ|-p-
p=ƒëBíD³ Ín¦Ù M {x”r{‘ïE¾ŸÉ÷ A¡†d£9Ú3ìåp ‚ =ÌÐCa^$øÜ;ÏW™üÀw´± PX”0ÎX”²XR`                              òçy     L Ó 
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06-14T01:20:04Z Microsoft Word 2010-06-15T07:50:22-07:00 2010-06-15T07:50:22-07:00 Mac OS X 10.5.8 Quartz
PDFContext application/pdf Juan Carlos Villareal Gomez Microsoft Word - Company_Compensation_Schedule_-_P_.docx 1
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