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									This Company Quality Policy provides that all of the products or services that are
offered by a company must be of excellent quality. The policy strives to empower
employees by encouraging them to solve problems while developing and managing new
ideas and processes simultaneously. It can be included as part of the employee
handbook or can be distributed separately. This policy is ideal for small businesses or
other entities that want to provide top quality service or products.
                               Achieving Excellence Policy

Our company is firmly committed to achieving excellence in all of its endeavors. This is
done through teamwork and the continuing growth of each employee. We are dedicated
to being a corporate leader in our industry, producing quality service and products that
consistently meet, and exceed our high standards.

We realize that there is always a way to improve our existing service and product. We are
continuously striving to improve the quality of our operations in all departments through
open communication and improvement initiatives.

We strive to empower our employees, acknowledging that they are the foundation to our
success. Because of this we encourage our employees to solve problems and develop and
manage new ideas and processes, while we provide them all the resources they need to be

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