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									This is a policy that obligates employees to keep confidential any material or pertinent
information they learn during the course of employment. Confidential information can
take many forms, from customer lists, to trade secrets and company operations.
Additionally, this policy requires reporting of any outsider attempt to illicit confidential
information from company employees. This policy should be used by small businesses
or other entities that want their material and pertinent information to remain confidential.
                           Company Non-Disclosure Policy
Commonly, all company employees during the course of their employment will come
across, be exposed to, or directly work with confidential material/information.
Confidential information could take many forms, from customer lists, to trade secrets and
company operations. It is the responsibility of the employee to keep this type of
information confidential at all times. Employees may not disclose such information to
any person not authorized to receive it, and this includes friends, family members,
medical providers, religious/spiritual advisers, and attorneys who do not work for this

Employees are also not allowed to photograph or photocopy confidential information
unless specifically authorized to do so.

If anyone attempts to elicit confidential information from you, it is your obligation to
inform this company. If another party is attempting to use legal means to obtain
confidential information from you (for example, by going to court, by deposing you,
etc..), you are required to notify this company immediately, which will allow us to look at
the situation, to see if we agree that the information may be disclosed, or, if we want to
oppose an outside effort to gain access to this information. If this company elects to
oppose disclosure, we will assume any costs associated with this opposition, including
any legal fees, if we hire a lawyer on your behalf.

Employees may disclose confidential information to people who, in the course of normal
business, receive such information. Employees will receive clear and ongoing instruction
as to what information is and is not confidential, and, which (if any) "outside" people are
entitled to receive confidential information from you.

Employee affirms that he/she will protect all confidential information, while engaged by
the Company and after Employee has completed all services and obligations for the
Company. The legal obligation to protect confidential information will continue for ____
( ) years after employee stops working for the Company, regardless of the reason why
they Employee stopped work. Employee affirms that all confidential information
remains the property of the Company and it may not be removed or retained when
Employee has completed services and obligations except as permitted by Company’s
policies or specific agreements or arrangements applicable to my services and obligations
as a consultant, contractor or vendor for the Company.

If Employee violates this agreement, Employee will be subject to significant adverse
action, which can include termination. In addition, the Company usually will pursue all
available legal remedies against any Employee who violates the ethical duty to preserve
confidential information. Furthermore, under applicable law, Employee may be subject
to                criminal               or               civil               penalties.

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