Company Disability Policy


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									This document outlines the disability leave policy of a company. The employee can be
placed on either short term disability leave or long term disability leave depending on
the period of time that an employee is unable to work. The human resources
department of the company assists in determining whether disability leave should be
granted and whether it is long term or short term. This document is ideal for small
businesses or other entities that want to provide disability leave for employees.
                                Company Disability Policy

Short and Long Term Disability Leave

The company provides short and long term disability benefits for all eligible employees.
The eligibility terms and conditions are set forth in the summary plan available through
the Human Resource Department. The period of time that an employee is unable to work
will determine whether the employee is qualified for short term, or long term disability.

Our company provides these benefits so that our employees can continue to receive
income during a period of time where the employee is medically disabled.


The employee must contact the Human Resource Department to apply for disability
benefits. The employee will need to indicate if they are applying for short term or long
term benefits. If the employee is uncertain as to which one to apply for, Human
Resources will help him or her determine the appropriate benefit.

An employee may use accrued paid leave while waiting for short term benefits. They
may also use accrued leave when the short term disability benefits have expired and/or
waiting for long term benefits.

When an employee is medically disabled, they should apply for medical leave under the
Family Medical Leave Policy. Approval of medical leave does not necessarily qualify
them for disability benefits.

If the disability qualifies for both [1] long-term or short-term disability and [2] Family
Medical Leave, it will be counted against the employee’s time available under Family
Medical Leave.

If an employee is absent from their job for over one year, disability benefits may be
terminated. All reasonable accommodations will be made on a case-by-case basis.
Termination of employment will not necessarily result in the termination of disability

It is the responsibility of the employee to follow all necessary application procedures, and
to ask for assistant or clarification of the employee is confused about any procedure or
benefit. It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Department to inform the
employee of their eligibility for disability benefits should be needed.

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