Company Credit Policy

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									This is a template that can be distributed to employees to outline a company's credit
policy. The template outlines how credit is extended to customers, credit limits,
collections protocol and provides a credit application checklist. It contains both standard
clauses as well as opportunities for customization to ensure that the company's credit
policy is properly set forth. This template is ideal for small businesses or other entities
to inform employees of the company's credit policy.
                                   Company Credit Policy
It is the policy of                [PROVIDE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY] to offer
credit to our customers, unless the risk of loss in extending credit is highly likely.

The company plans to extend credit and average one collection per 1000 credit
customers. The credit manager will make the final determination in extending credit and
transferring credit accounts to collections.

Credit Level

All customers will initially be given a minimum credit of $500. If a customer requests a
higher credit limit, a financial application and credit references will be required. The
company will process the information and use the company credit scoring system to
arrive at the amount of the credit line.

Collections Protocol

The collections protocol will work at follows:

        Payment 5 days late: email to customer
        Payment 7 days late: phone call to customer
        Payment past 15 days late: credit will be suspended, and letter sent to customer.
        Accounts 60 days past due will be sent to collections.

Credit Application Checklist

1. Valid ID (Driver's license from this state, or, state-issued ID from this state, or,
military ID, or, passport.). Exceptions (e.g., school or work ID) must be approved by
Credit Manager.
2. Documentation of residence. [E.G. ____ MONTHS OF UTILITY BILLS;
3. Social Security Number
4. Current bank information, plus documentation of how long this account has been
5. Authorization Form, signed by person applying for credit, permitting financial
background/credit check.
6. _____________________________________.
{Instruction: Add additional items, as needed by your particular business}

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