Client Vendor Package Evaluation Consulting Letter

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									This template document provides a form letter to be sent from a consulting services
company to a client vendor that describes the nature of the consulting services that will
be provided for a Package Product Selection. This template letter provides a list of
activities that the consulting company will provide and a list of deliverables. This
template letter is drafted with standard language and terms but can be modified to fit the
needs of any company providing consulting services.
COMPANY NAME / LOGO                                                       Consulting Services
Company Tag Line
COMPANY WWW ADDRESS                                                                          DATE:   XXXXXXX

Client Name, Title
Client Company Name
Client Address 1
Client Address 2

Dear (Insert Client Name),

(insert company name) is pleased to be selected to provide (insert client name) with Consulting
Services. In this effort, IBM will provide consulting services to (insert client name) in the area of
Package Product Selection.

(insert company name) will provide such Services in accordance with existing Services Agreements and
Agreement for Exchange of Confidential Information which are incorporated by reference into this

This effort is estimated at 10-weeks for 2 resources (1 full-time, 1 part-time). The following shall be a
list of activities:
 Establish a vendor list selection and "Heads Up" letter to selected Vendors [published end of week
 Release RFP in MS-Word format [end of week two.]
 Establish and internally publish Requirements Weighting Matrix in MS-Excel format [end week
 Schedule 1st Round of Vendor Presentations
 Receive RFP responses towards end of week five.
 Evaluate Vendor Responses and publish Vendor Evaluation Report towards end of week seven.
 Complete 1st round of Vendor Presentations end of week seven
 Submit recommendations on finalists selection end of week eight
 Inform Vendor Finalists of additional material requirements, end of week eight.
 Schedule 2nd round of vendor presentations
 Conduct 2nd round presentations & supplementary data submissions end of week nine
 Develop and submit selected Vendor Recommendation Report, end of week ten.

 Initial Vendor “Heads-up” Letter
 Vendor Selection RFP
 Vendor Weighting Matrix
 Vendor Evaluation Report (based on round 1)
 Vendor Recommendation Report
 Weekly Project Status Reports

This Consulting Letter is based on the following key assumptions:
   - office space, phone lines, data lines and access badges for the (insert company name)
       consultants will be provided by the bank

© Copyright 2010 Docstoc Inc. registered document proprietary, copy not                  1
    -    Prior to the start of this consulting engagement, (insert client name) will designate a person as
         the (insert client name) project manager to whom all (insert company name) communications
         will be addressed and who has the authority to act for (insert client name) in all aspects of the

These consulting services will be provided on a time and materials basis. (Insert client name) will only
be billed for hours worked. This letter for consulting services will authorize (insert company name) to
provide an estimated 440 hours of consulting services over a 10-week period. These services will be
billed at an hourly rate structure as shown in the table below for an estimated funding requirement of
$XXX,XXX. Actual and reasonable travel and living expenses are additional and will be billed as
incurred. Invoices are due upon receipt and payable within 30 days.

                Function             Estimated    Estimated    Rate/Hr    Est Hrs   Est Cost
                                     Start Date   End Date

        Engagement Director        INSERT         INSER         $XX         40        $XX,XXX
        Project Executive          INSERT         INSERT        $XX        400       $XXX,XXX
                                                               TOTAL       440       $XXX,XXX

This effort is estimated to begin on (insert start date) and continue through (insert target completion
date). Any changes to the scope of services will be mutually determined and agreed upon through a
written Project Change Control Procedure document. If the estimated total value will be exceeded, you
will be advised in writing two weeks in advance.

(Insert company name) shall have fulfilled its obligations when any one of the following first occurs:
     (Insert company name) provides the number of hours specified or
     (Insert client name) or (insert company name) terminates the project in accordance with the
        provisions of the IBM Services Agreement.

A Project Change Request (PCR) will be the vehicle for communicating change. (Insert client name) or
(insert company name) can initiate the PCR. The respective Project Manager will review the proposed
change and approve it for further consideration or reject it. If the change is authorized and agreed to by
both parties, the written PCR will be finalized describing the scope and impact on the project. The PCR
must then be signed by both (Insert client name) and (insert company name) to authorize
implementation of any change.

The above end dates may be extended upon (insert clients name)’s request in accordance with the
Project Change Control Procedure described above. (insert clients name) has the right to cancel the
Service stated above with twenty (20)-business days advance written notice.

Our signatures below show that both of us agree that the complete agreement between us regarding this
project will consist of this Consulting Letter and your Services Agreement. An authorized signature
below by (insert client name) indicates your acceptance of this proposal.

This offer is valid for 30 days from the date of this letter.

Agreed to by:                                           Agreed to by:
Insert Client Name                                      Insert Company Name

By: ______________________                              By: _________________________
       Authorized Signature                                   Authorized Signature

© Copyright 2010 Docstoc Inc. registered document proprietary, copy not                         2

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