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					Change Management Plan                          [Project Name]

Change Management Plan
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Change Management Plan                                            [Project Name]

Revision History

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Change Management Plan                     [Project Name]


Change Management Approach

Definitions of Change

Schedule Change

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Change Management Plan                  [Project Name]

Budget Change

Scope Change

Project Document Change

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Change Management Plan                                                 [Project Name]

Change Control Board

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Change Control Process

Change Request Submittal

Change Request Tracking

Change Request Review

Change Request Disposition

Project Change Management Plan/Signature

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Change Management Plan                                            [Project Name]


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Description: The Change Management Plan is a spreadsheet that is designed to help project managers develop and articulate a change management plan for a given project. This form provides a formal process for submission, review, risk assessment, approval, implementation, and post-implementation review of a proposed change. This template spreadsheet can be customized to best fit the needs of a project manager or a company seeking a change management plan from its project managers.
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