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					This template form should be used to record specific information about a company’s
capital expenditures. The form allows the company to record the capital expenditure
groups, such as production, rationalization, replacement, mandatory investment,
research and development, or social sector, and then list the budget, order, pre-
payment, actual, used, and budget used for each capital expenditure group. This basic
form can be used to standardize financial information among different business units
regarding capital expenditures. This form can be customized to fit the unique needs of
any company and its specific industry.
         Capital Expenditures
In Tsd. US





                                                                                              Budget ./.
                                           Budget   Bestellung Anzahlung     Ist    Verfügt
                                                                 Pre-                         Budget ./.
            Cap Ex Group                   Budget    Order     Payment     Actual   Used
Production (Group 1)

Rationalization (Group 2)

Replacement (Group 3)

Mandatory Investment (Group 4)

Research & Development (Group 5)

Social Sector / Administration (Group 6)

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Description: This template form should be used to record specific information about a company’s capital expenditures. The form allows the company to record the capital expenditure groups, such as production, rationalization, replacement, mandatory investment, research and development, or social sector, and then list the budget, order, pre-payment, actual, used, and budget used for each capital expenditure group. This basic form can be used to standardize financial information among different business units regarding capital expenditures. This form can be customized to fit the unique needs of any company and its specific industry.
This document is also part of a package Cash Management for Your Business 6 Documents Included