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									This template form allows a candidate to fill out applicable information needed by a
potential employer. The candidate provides personal information, educational
experience, and past employment experience. The form then asks the candidate to
complete several questions, including how to lead people or manage projects, and the
candidate’s mid-term and long-term goals. This template form should be used by
employers or their human resources department to collect information about prospective
job candidates.

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                                           (OFFICE USE ONLY)

                     CANDIDATE PROFILE FORM

Last Name:              First Name:           Middle:                                            Home Phone:

Street Address:      Spouse’s Phone: Business Phone:                                              Cell Phone:

City:                 State:              Zip Code:                                               Home E-mail Address:

Work E-mail Address:                    Positions Desired:           Salary Desired: Least Accepted:

College(Name/City/State)                From:                         To:                 Major/Minor:           G.P.A.

Graduate Work:                                            Courses & Degrees:

Will You Relocate?                      Regarding Relocation        Will You Travel?      How Extensive?
 Yes/No                                 Preferred Areas             Areas not Preferred    Yes/No                %

Do you speak read or write a foreign language?
Yes/No                                If “Yes” specify:                Speak %            Read %           Write %


Dates:        Employer and Location      Product:              Position Held         Base        Bonus,       REASONS FO
              Give Last Position                               And Superior:         Salary      Etc.         LEAVING
Social Security Number (for degree verification)

Our efforts are to recruit qualified candidates for each specific opening. Due to the amount of
response we receive, it is impossible to guarantee a match for every candidate we work with. Your
credentials will be permanently added to our files/database and we will contact at once if we
determine a match. Thank you for your patience and your cooperation.

Previous Work References

Name/Title            Relationship: How Long: Company: Phone Number:        E-mail Address

Relative not living with you:

Name:                            Address:                          Phone:
1. What metrics do you employ for best practice in your discipline?

   2.     How do you lead your people and or manage projects?

3. What are four key leadership competencies?

   4.     How do you define global competitiveness?

   5.     What are your strengths and weaknesses (areas for improvement)?

   6.     How do you instill values and integrity at the workplace?
     7.    What are the three most important values?

  8. What are your mid-term goals and long-term goals?

Please e-mail this form back to e-mail address with your
resume. MS Word or a text based file are preferred. Thank you.

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