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									This document details a company’s policy and guidelines for business travel. As
drafted, the form requires that the employee be responsible for submitting an expense
report following completion of their trip and further includes provisions for submitting the
appropriate documentation for an expense report. This form is intended to provide
general language for a company’s business travel policy and can be modified to fit the
needs of any employer.
Business Travel Policy
This policy will provide a guideline for incurring business travel and entertainment
expenses, as well as miscellaneous business related expenses.

The traveler is ultimately responsible for complying with all company travel policies.
Your manager will also be responsible for authorizing the expenses and signing off on the
final expense report. The company will reimburse the employee for any reasonable and
necessary expenses incurred during business travel or entertaining customers and clients.
If there is any deviation from this policy, the employee must receive prior authorization
from their superior in order to receive reimbursement.

The employee is responsible for filing a travel expense report no later than thirty (30)
days following the completion of a business trip. All business expense reports filed will
be reimbursed in the next pay cycle.


The following information is required for expense reimbursement:

Name of client or customer if applicable and company name (when entertaining);
Location of the event, restaurant, hotel;
Date and exact amount of the expense;
Receipts for all expenditures.

The following documentation must be submitted with the expense report:

Airline travel and Railroad – original passenger receipt
Hotel-hotel receipt and proof of payment
Car Rental-invoice and credit card statement
Entertainment-credit card receipt
Meals-credit card receipt

Expense Authorization

All traveling employees must complete a Travel Authorization Form in advance of their


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