Business Ethics and Conduct Policy


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									A Business Ethics and Conduct Policy puts forth a company's position on important
company subjects including but not limited to conflicts of interest, outside employment,
and the acceptance of gifts and gratuities. There is a signature block for the
acknowledgement of receipt by the employee. This provision may be used as a stand
alone or as part of an employee handbook. This Business Ethics and Conduct Policy
contains standard language that is commonly used in this type of document, however,
additional language may be added to meet the needs of the person or entity using this
Business Ethics and Conduct Policy
Our company is committed to do business within the law and regulations affecting our
business at all times. All employees are to exhibit honesty, integrity, and a strong work
ethic in the performance of their duties. Each employee has a duty to always act best
interest of the company.

Conflicts of Interest

The company has a policy against conflicts of interest.

Conflict of Interest with Customers/Competitors/Vendors

Company policy requires that employees (and their family) not have a direct ownership
interest in any of the Company’s customers, vendors, suppliers. The company may
determine that a conflict is within acceptable boundaries, however, if the ownership is
determined not to directly conflict with the employee’s relationship and work
performance with the company.

Outside Employment

The company prohibits the employee working for, or conducting business with an outside

To determine of any conflict exists, each employee is required to list all outside business
ownership interests which directly relate to the company. Any business interests that are
acceptable will be authorized by the company in writing. The employee is responsible
for keeping the list updated should their business involvements change.

Gifts and Gratuities

To avoid any appearances of impropriety, employees and their immediate family are not
permitted to accept any personal benefits or gifts of any type. This includes free services,
gifts, entertainment or loans of money. A gift made of the less than $100 in value may be
occasionally accepted when they are not made in return for any special business

The Use of Company Funds

The company prohibits any payment by an employee that is a bribe or undisclosed
commission, or any payment made to a third party for obtaining business or a special
favor. Gifts and payments may not to any political organization. Small payments and
gifts may be deemed appropriate in certain circumstances to employees when it is
considered customary, however these gifts must be authorized by management.

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Policy

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I have read the forgoing policy relating to business ethics and conduct. I accept and
agree with the restrictions set forth in these policies. I certify that I have complied with
these policies and will continue to do so.


Signature of Employee

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