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									This form contains a company's guidelines for an employee representing the company
on the internet. This includes referencing the company's products on the internet in any
way, the company's services, or any of the company's competitors. This document in its
draft form contains numerous of the standard clauses commonly used in these types of
agreements, and additional language may be added, allowing for customization to
ensure both parties needs are met. Use this form to limit or control what types of
information an employee divulges on the internet.
                                     Blogging/Website Policy
Guidelines for Representing the Company on the Internet

If you are an employee of the company and are writing a blog that will reference the
company in any way (includes mentioning our products, services, and competitors), the
blog or website must state that your opinions are yours alone and are not those of the
company. You must also identify yourself as an employee of the company. As a courtesy,
please notify the company that you are writing this blog or website.

You are not authorized to speak on behalf of the company.


You are prohibited from writing information on your blog or website that is considered
proprietary or confidential. Confidential or proprietary information can include product
information and releases, company or marketing strategies and plans, or any other
information that has not already been released to the public. If you are not sure what is
considered proprietary and confidential, consult with your supervisor or the Human
Resource Department.

Company logos or trademarked items may not be used without prior written authorization
from the company.


You may not sell or promote any service or product that would directly compete with the
company without written permission.


The contents of your blog or website should always treat the company and its employees
and customers with respect. No name calling or negative behavior that will reflect onto
the company will be tolerated. Unfounded accusations, name calling or using trademarks
or logos without company permission are grounds for dismissal.

You must consider the privacy rights of your fellow employees. If you are choosing to
write about them you should obtain their permission prior to ensure you are not infringing
on their right of privacy.

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You are legally liable for anything you write online. Anything that infringes of the rights
of the company or could cause a hostile work environment is subject to disciplinary
action by the company.

Media Contact

Any reference to our company, products, customers or employees should be coordinated
with the Human Resource Department.

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