Bill of Sale

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									A Bill of Sale Form is a written acknowledgment of the transfer of ownership of property
between two parties, where one party is selling specific goods/assets and the other
party is purchasing them. It cannot be used to transfer Real Property or Intellectual
Property. This document in its draft form contains numerous standard clauses
commonly used in these types of agreements, as well as optional language to allow for
customization to ensure the specific terms of the parties agreement are addressed. Use
this Bill of Sale form to ensure that there is a complete and accurate record of the
transfer of the property.
Bill of Sale

This Bill of Sale is made on ______________ day of 20__ between (“Seller”) and (“Buyer”).

Seller, in exchange for consideration of ___________         , the receipt of which funds is
acknowledged, hereby do grant, sell, transfer and deliver to Buyer the following goods:

Buyer shall have full rights and title to the goods described above.

Seller is the lawful owner of the goods and the goods are free from all encumbrances. Seller has
good right to sell the goods and will warrant and defend the right against the lawful claims and
demands of all persons.

Name ________________________________

Signature of Seller_________________________


Signature of Buyer__________________________

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