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Bank Report Form


This template is a monthly bank report that can be used for the standardization of financial information among different business units. This template provides for verification that the balance according to the bank statement is the same as the balance the business has on its records. Optimal for organization and clarity, this template should be used by small businesses or other entities that want to organize and track their monthly expenses on a single template.

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									This template is a monthly bank report that can be used for the standardization of
financial information among different business units. This template provides for
verification that the balance according to the bank statement is the same as the balance
the business has on its records. Optimal for organization and clarity, this template
should be used by small businesses or other entities that want to organize and track
their monthly expenses on a single template.
                                               Monthly Bank Report
                             Balance according to bank statement

                        Plus: accounting deposits, not considered by Bank

 Minus: Bank deposits not considered by accounting (place information preceded by minus sign)

              Minus: Checks in transit (place information preceded by minus sign)
     Date        Number                          Description                        Amount

Accounting balance
ERP Balance
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