Accounts Payable and Receivable Template

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									This template is used for the standardization of financial information among different
business units regarding accounts receivable and accounts payable. This document is
used to keep track of the money owed by a company to suppliers/service providers or
owed to the company by its customers. The worksheet contains columns for current
balances and aged balances owed for more than thirty (30) days as well as other
necessary information. This document should be used by companies for bookkeeping
                                                                                              Reporting Month:
Aging Report
Receivables                                       Payables                                    in local T currency
                                                                                Note: Check amount has to be equal to Total
Total Plant                         ERP Account      Total   Not Due                      Overdue                             check
                                                                       0 - 30      31 - 60       61 - 90            over 90

               Gross amount
               Value adjustment
               Net book value

Details        Customer                              Total   Not Due                      Overdue                             check
                                                                       0 - 30      31 - 60       61 - 90            over 90

             Value adjustment
             Net book Value
Intercompany Customer                                Total   Not Due                      Overdue                             check
                                                                       0 - 30      31 - 60        61 - 90           over 90

               Total Intercompany
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