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									This document sets forth the policy and protocol to allow an employee to review their
employment file. It states that the employee must give 24-hour notice to the human
resources department prior to the file review and lists which documents are not
available for review. This provision could be used by a company or small business
either individually or incorporated into an employee handbook. This provision can be
customized to fit the particular needs of the employer.
Access to Personnel Files

It is our company policy that all employees and authorized representatives of employees,
or past employees may view their personnel file, provided they give advance notice to the
Human Resource Department. All documents concerning employee performance, any
disciplinary actions and their original job application may be reviewed.

There are however, documents that are not available for review which include: any
records pertaining to the employee references, medical documents, court proceedings and
investigations. Also any document that would infringe on the privacy of another
employee may not be viewed.

The Human Resource Department should receive twenty-four (24) hour notice prior to
the file review. The representative or former employee will need to produce
identification. A Human Resource employee will need to be present during the review
and no documents may be reviewed from the file. Copies of the file contents may be

The employee has the right to attach notes or clarify contents of the file that they feel are
not correct.

An employee has the right to request that a document be removed from the file. This is
allowable, only provided that it is agreed to by the Human Resource Department. In the
event that the department does not authorize removal, the matter may be appealed
according to the provisions of the Employee Handbook.

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