TALKS Quick Start Guide by acm63157


									Note: TALKS Software by AT&T is only compatible with a Nokia 6620
wireless phone that has service with AT&T.

What is TALKS Software by AT&T?

TALKS Software by AT&T is a speech enabling application
designed for use with the Nokia 6620 wireless phone. The software
provides audible access to advanced phone features and services
by converting menus, instructions and content displayed on the Nokia
6620 screen into speech for output either to the phone's internal speaker
or through an attached headset (optional accessory).

This package includes the following:
   A Multi-Media Card (MMC) with the TALKS Software.
   1 CD containing back up software and a text-based user manual.
   1 Audio CD containing a spoken-word version of the user manual.

Should you be unable to use the enclosed Audio or text CD, the following
formats are also available to assist with the installation of the MMC:
    Large print instructions or an audio file can be downloaded by
      going to
    Instructions, terms & conditions, and warranty are available in
      Braille format or in a large print format by calling AT&T's National
      Center for Customers with Disabilities (NCCD) at 1-866-241-6568
      for voice calls, or 1-866-241-6567 for TTY calls. The NCCD can
      also provide assistance during the installation process of TALKS
      Software if necessary.

Initial Phone Set Up
Note: This process may require sighted assistance.

  1.   Make sure your Cingular SmartChip™ (SIM) is installed in your
  2.   The MMC card must be properly inserted and the TALKS Software
       must then be registered.
        a. To insert the MMC card, first remove the cover from the
           battery compartment. To do this, turn the phone upside down
           with the bottom facing you and locate the small button near
           the bottom.
        b. Press down on the button and pull toward you to remove the
        c. Remove the battery, taking careful note of its orientation so
           that you can replace it later.
        d. In the middle of the left side of the compartment there is a
           gray sliding lock to hold the card in place. Slide this lock up
           towards the top of the compartment to its highest position.
        e. There is a rectangular indentation in the bottom half of the
           compartment where the MMC card fits. Insert the MMC card
           under the ledge at the right side of the indentation and
           carefully slide it into place, making sure that the beveled
           corner of the card is facing toward the bottom right side of the
        f. Slide the lock down one notch to secure the card in place.
           Visually, the dotted line on the lock should line up with the
           dotted line on the compartment.
        g. Replace the battery by placing the top edge in first, making
           sure the contact points are on the top left side, then replace
           the cover.

3.   After the MMC card is properly inserted and the phone is turned on,
     the TALKS registration window will appear on the screen
     instructing you to press the left soft key to send out an SMS
     message to register TALKS. If that is successful, you will hear an
     audible tone and you will press the left soft key, your TALKS
     Software will then be active. (If this is the first time you are using
     your phone you may be prompted, but not audibly, to enter the time
     and date. If you wish to bypass this, you can depress the END key
     on the phone.) If TALKS Software is not functioning properly,
     please contact the NCCD at 1-866-241-6568 for voice calls, or
     1-866-241-6567 for TTY calls.

License Agreement

The use of our software package “TALKS for Series 60”, from now on
called TALKS, is governed by the following rules. If you do not agree to
one of these, you are not allowed to use TALKS.

Brand & Gröber Communications GbR, from now on called BuGcom,
grants you, the user of our software package TALKS, the non-exclusive
right to use our software and its accompanying documentation, on any
Series 60 phone, for which you have purchased a serial number, or use
TALKS in its 10 minutes demonstration mode. By purchasing a serial
number, the user does not receive the ownership of the software.
BuGcom remains the owner of TALKS and its documentation.

BuGcom does not guarantee for the fitness of TALKS for any particular
purpose, or for the correctness of the software or the accompanying
documentation. Any damage that might be caused directly or indirectly,
by the use of TALKS or any of its components, is the sole responsibility

of the user, and BuGcom can in no case be held liable for such
damage. BuGcom reserves the right to change the software or its
documentation without notification.

If one of these rules contradicts the legal regulations in your country or
region, they are considered as having been replaced by rules that
represent their original sense as closely as possible, and meet these
legal regulations. The German court in Leverkusen is responsible, in
case any judicial conflicts should arise between the user and BuGcom.

For any case, for which no rule is matching, a new rule in the sense of
this license agreement is considered part of this agreement.

License Agreement and AT&T's Limited Warranty can be obtained in
large print or Braille format by calling the National Center for Customers
with Disabilities (NCCD) at 1-866-241-6568 for voice calls, or 1-866-
241-6567 for TTY calls.


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