Quick-Start Guide for Students

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					               Quick-Start Guide for Students

               Go to http://teachers.henrico.k12.va.us/elearning/

                                        Click on Aims

                     MY USER ID: ______________________

                      MY PASSWORD: __________________

                  If you are prompted to choose a server, choose
                            QuickTime Internet Server.

Navigating the site
Across the top of every page is a navigation bar which will move you easily from one section of
the site to another. Directly below it is an info bar reminding you of such information as what

page you're on, whether you have any new DC-Mail messages, and any assignment you might
have open at the moment. Clicking on the link to an assignment or video in the info bar will take
you directly to it.

My DC provides you with your account information, enables you to customize your DC account
and keeps you in contact with DigitalCurriculum and other users on your account.

In the Assignments section, you can access teacher assignments.

The DC Search page enables you to search both the video and the multimedia library.

Correlations offers another video search option – using either your state curriculum content
standards or the national McRel/Achieve standards compendium. It also includes the Days to
Commemorate feature.

The Current Events feature keeps you up to date with the latest news.

Click on Help to find out more about the page you're viewing at the moment and how to use it.

Search the DC libraries

                                                        Search by keyword: Searching by
                                                        keyword allows you to search for videos
                                                        or photos.

                                                           •   Click on the Search button in the
                                                               navigation bar.
                                                           •   Enter a word or part of a word in
                                                               the keyword box. You also have
                                                               the option of performing a
       Boolean search.
   •   Select your search parameters from the options below the keyword boxes.
   •   Click on Search.

Search by subject:
   • Click on the Search
       button in the navigation
   • Click on the link Click
       here for Advanced
   • Select the subject(s)
       that interest you.
   • Click on Search.
   • You may also use this
       feature in conjunction
       with a keyword search.

On the Search Results page, click on any video, key concept or multimedia photo/clip link to
view that file.

Watch / stream a video

  •   Click on the Watch Video button on the video product information page.
  •   Wait while the embedded media player in the next screen loads and opens the video.
  •   To go full screen, click on the Full Screen button below the player. (MAC users need to
      pause the show and click on the Launch External Player link. When the external player
                                                                        opens, click on View and
                                                                        select Full Screen in the
                                                                        pull-down menu.)
                                                                    • Most programs provide
                                                                        Key Concept clips. Key
                                                                        Concept clips are
                                                                        specific segments of the
                                                                        video containing its most
                                                                        important ideas or
                                                                        teaching points. Click on
                                                                        the link in the table on
                                                                        the right side of the
                                                                        page, and the segment
                                                                        will load in the player.

Download a multimedia clip

  •   Follow the simple on-screen
  •   You may want to change the name of
      the file so that you can recognize it

Do teacher assignments

  •   Click on the Assignments button in the navigation bar.
                             • Locate your teacher's name in the list of Teacher
                                Assignments and, below it, the name of the assignment
                                you're looking for. Click on the name of the assignment.
                             • Use the links to navigate to videos, photos, and other files
                                as well as websites.

  •   If a test
      has been
      assigned, you an access it by clicking on the yellow Quiz/Test button in the upper right-
      hand corner of the assignment.