THE LAST LAUGH :) by ProQuest


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                 THE LAST LAUGH :)

     I was recently in the office of my                                             game. The first one to talk loses.”
     daughter’s elementary school with                                              The whole office was roaring!
     my younger son. The very energetic                                                    Jamie Wilkins
     music teacher came in and began                                                       San Leandro, CA
     talking to my son. In a very excited,
     loud voice, she asked him how he                                               My son, Takashi, said: “I want to be
     was, whether he was getting ready to                                           the same age like Daddy.” My daugh-
     come to the school next year, whether                                          ter, Mariko, replied: “Yeah, then you
     he was just visiting his sister today,                                         would be bald.” From the mouths
     etc. My son just kept staring up
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