Quick Start Guide for Students Login to PASPort

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					                                                                              Revised: 10/29/09

                Quick Start Guide for Students
                              Login to PASPort
1. Go to https://pasport.laredo.edu SECURE ACCESS LOGIN webpage.


2. Enter your User Name in the Secure Access Login. Your User Name can be found on your
   student ID OR by clicking on What is my User Name? link. You will need your Palomino Id or
   CWID, your date of birth and the last 4-digits of your SS#. Note: Usernames are case
   sensitive. EX: enter username as “jsmith1234” NOT “JSMITH1234”

                                                                                  Revised: 10/29/09

3. If this is the first time you access your PASPort account, your PASSWORD will be your date
   of birth in 6-digit format MMDDYY EX: 010185
                     If you continue to have problems with your username or password,
                               Contact the Admissions and Registration Office:

                   Fort McIntosh Campus                   South Campus

                       Memorial Hall,                Billy Hall Student Center,

                           RM 125                             RM 113

                        (956)721-5117                     (956)794-4110

4. All PASPort users are required to create a PASSWORD and setup their secret questions
   and answers. Please follow these password rules. *
   (Note: passwords are case sensitive)

* The password must not contain any of these special characters: # ,+"\<>;@&$~=*%!{}()/:[]'?

                                                                               Revised: 10/29/09

          NOTE: After more than 5 unsuccessful login attempts,
             PASPort will lock and disable your account.
                               CONTACT ADMISSIONS AND REGISTRATION
                    721-5117 (Ft McIntosh Campus) OR 721-4110 (South Campus)

5. If you have logged in to PASPort before, but DO NOT remember your PASSWORD, click
   Recover your Password? link found below the SECURE ACCESS LOGIN.

                                                                               Revised: 10/29/09

6. Type your User Name and click Submit button. Note: Usernames are case sensitive.
   EX: enter username as “jsmith1234” NOT “JSMITH1234”

7. If you HAVE set up your secret questions, PASPort will display them here. You must answer
   them correctly to proceed. Type your answers on the blank fields provided. Click the Submit
   Answers button.

8. If your secret questions and answers HAVE NOT been set up, PASPort will redirect you to
   the main page or you may select the click here to return to login screen link. Contact
   Admissions & Registration office.

                                                                                Revised: 10/29/09

9. Once you’re logged into PASPort, you MAY CHANGE your PASSWORD and SET UP YOUR
   SECRET QUESTIONS by clicking on the My Account Link.

10. To change your PASSWORD, Click on My Account link. The “My Account Preferences”
    screen will appear. Enter your current password, your new password, and your confirmation
    password. REMEMBER to follow the password requirements displayed to the right. Click
    Save Changes button to submit your request. (Note: passwords are case sensitive)

                                                                             Revised: 10/29/09

11. “My Account Preferences” Screen will also allow you to change your Privacy Settings.
   Currently they are set to “OPT IN” by system default.

12. To SETUP or CHANGE your Secret Questions and Answers select Click Here link.

                                                                                Revised: 10/29/09

13. Type your answers on the blank fields provided. Create 1 secret QUESTION on the last row
    and place your answer on the right side, followed by a question mark (?). Click SUBMIT
    SETUP button to process your answers.

   Secret Questions and Answers Setup
   You have chosen to set up your secret questions and answers. You must supply your login
   password to authenticate your setup. Your existing secret questions and answers setup will
   be replaced with the new setup that you submit.
   The secret question and answer pairs that you supply can be used to login if you forget your
   password. The questions and answers that you provide should be difficult for others to guess.
   The following question and answer constraints are in place:

14. Once your secret answers have been successfully submitted, return to the previous screen by
    closing the page.

                                                                                 Revised: 10/29/09

15. Click Back to Pasport Home Tab link to return to your home page.

16. Your name will appear next to the “Welcome” greeting found near the top of the screen.

                                                                                 Revised: 10/29/09

17. Your PASPort student email address will also appear here: (username@students.laredo.edu)

18. Once you are done using PASPort, click on the “logout” icon to exit and close your account.

                                                                    Revised: 10/29/09


            Call Admissions & Registration:
  Fort McIntosh Campus                              South Campus

  Memorial Hall, RM 125                    Billy Hall Student Center, RM 113

      (956)721-5117                                 (956)794-4110

                 Email PASPort questions at:
     Please include your Palomino Id (EX: P00345678) or CWID;
               DO NOT send us your SS# in the email.

             Monday - Thursday                  Fridays
              8 a.m. - 6 p.m.              8 a.m. to 12 Noon.

              After 6 p.m. requests will be answered Monday morning.

Or catch us on the PASPort Helpdesk Chat (hours vary):