Laser Scanning: There's More Than One Option

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					Laser Scanning: There's More Than One Option
Graham Hunter
Engineering and Mining Journal; Jul/Aug 2009; 210, 6; Docstoc
pg. 33

Reproduced with permission of the 
Description: Fixed/Static The laser scanning system used by Gold Fields to help improve safety and increase production at the Damang gold mine in Ghana, West Africa, includes a Riegl LMSZ420i long-range laser scanner, which can capture up to 11,000 point measurements per second, to an accuracy of 10 mm and at a range of up to 1,000 m. A rugged and fully portable sensor, the system also includes a calibrated and accurately orientated high-resolution digital camera. To address these conditions the 3D-R1 remote operated survey vehicle was developed by 3D Laser Mapping in partnership with Jobling Purser RSV LLP from a prototype vehicle first designed by James Jobling-Purser as part of an undergraduate project at the Camborne School of Mines part of the University of Exeter. 3D-R1 is designed to be compatible with both the LMS-Z series of laser scanners and the new V-Line 3D scanners from Riegl; combining a high performance long-range 3-D laser scanner, software and an integrated high-resolution digital camera with the latest in advanced robotic technology, the 3D-RI can be deployed in any environment where a risk to personnel may be present. 3D-RI has successfully completed a project to create a highly detailed and accurate 3-D map of the San Jose silver mine in Mexico.
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