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                                   Minority Grants and Student Aid
                                   for Minority Students
Free School Grants                    Grants Dept.          From the Office of Administration

                                   Before you discard the
   School Grants
                                   possibility of a minority
   Grants for Women                grant because you think
                                   you may not qualify, think
   Pell Grants
                                   again and take a closer
   Nursing Grants                  look. The laws are changing
                                   all the time and more people
   Minority Grants
                                   now qualify as minorities

   Hispanic Grants                 than ever before. There are
                                   some qualifications that you
   FSEOG Grants
                                   must meet in order to

   Medical Grants                  qualify for a minority grant,
                                   but if do there are many
   Housing Grants                  different grants and programs you can take advantage of.

   Graduate Grants
                                   The great thing about minority student grants is that they do not need to be paid back,
   Law School Grants               also they typically are not based on your grades at all but rather on your minority status
                                   and need.
   Online School Grants

   GSA Research Grant              Because of social stigma, society, or call it what you will, we are conditioned to think of a
                                   minority group in a certain way. Typically when we think of minority grants we think
   Private School Grants           African American, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and even many Immigrants. All
                                   of which may qualify for these grants and some even qualify for general minority grants as
   Native American Grants
                                   well as some grants specifically meant for certain ethnic groups in particular.
   Business School Grants
                                   These Grants are meant to fill a need or lack of diversity in certain professions that are not
   Grants For Older Students
                                   currently filled by professionals of that ethnicity or minority group.

   Need Based Grants
                                   However, it is not only ethnic groups that are considered a minority anymore. Women are
Scholarships                       now considered a minority as well and qualify for many grants meant specifically for
   Coca Cola Scholarship           women. Handicapped or physically disabled students also qualify as minorities.

   Barry M Goldwater Scholarship                                                                     There are many sources of
                                                                                                     minority grants, some more
   Robert C Byrd Scholarship
                                                                                                     obvious than others, so it
   Childrens Scholarship Fund                                                                        does take a little research. If
                                                                                                     you are African American
   Adult Scholarships
                                                                                                     the best source for a
   Avoid Scholarship Scams                                                                           minority grant would be the
                                                                                                     United Negro College Fund.
Financial Aid
                                                                                                     Similar to the UNCF there
   Online Education Programs
                                                                                                     are foundations that offer

   Basic Types of Student Loans                                                                      minority grants for almost
                                                                                                     every ethnic background, it
   Federal Student Financial Aid                                                                     takes some research to find
                                   them and your student counselor should be able to help you locate them.
   How To Repay Student Loans
Free Grant             Keep in mind that applying for ethnic grants does not mean you cannot apply for other

Resources              grants as well such as a Pell Grant as well as financial aid. There is no limit to the
                       number of grants you can apply for and receive. Although each individual grant may have
 The Free Grant Blog
                       preset limitations, they are each separate and individual entities, so they can be
                       combined and added together to help cover the overall costs of a college education.

                       Apart from the government minority grants available, many large corporations offer their
                       own private grants for students pursuing a position in their company. If you fall into this
                       niche category the grants are quite easy to qualify for and be awarded. These corporations
                       are under strict guidelines of diversification and therefore have a vested interest as well as
                       motivation for handing out this free money. The money has already been put aside
                       specifically for this purpose, you just need to know how and where to ask for it, your
                       student counselor can help in this regard.

                       As with all grants and financial aid the first step is to fill out the FAFSA form and
                       determine first of all if you are in need of financial help. All grants are based on your
                       financial need for them, if according to the information you put in the FAFSA form you do
                       not qualify for financial aid, then you most likely will not receive any minority grants either.
                       However, if you do qualify for financial aid, there many, many minority grants out there just
                       waiting for you to grab!

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