Quick Start Guide to Using ACTIVotes by arz13651


									                Quick Start Guide to Using ACTIVotes

Open ACTIVstudio 2
   1. From the toolbox menu, select Toolbox Customize >
      Tool Store.
   2. Drag the ACTIVote button from the power tools
      to the main toolbar and click finish.

Setup Devices
   1. Open the toolbox menu again by selecting Mr. Prometheus.
   2. Select ACTIVote > Devices.
   3. Select USA from the drop down box on the top left to select our country.
   4. Select a channel (1-3) and an ACTIVboard ID number. (This needs to be
       done when multiple sets of voting buttons are available.)
   5. Click Register and then register each ACTIVote individually.
   6. Press and hold the Register Button on the first ACTIVote device until you see the red LED
       flash briefly, followed by a longer flash of the green LED.
   7. The device will now appear in the Registered Devices list.
   8. Click OK when all are registered.

Using the Buttons in Anonymous Mode
   1. Open your Flipchart Quiz.
   2. Select the Voting button on your toolbar.
   3. This should open the ACTIVotes Session window. (If it
       doesn’t open, select ACTIVote under the menu and select
   4. Select Anonymous Mode.
   5. Select the number of registered users from the drop down
       menu on the right.
   6. Click OK.

Start Your Session
   7. Select the ACTIVote button on the toolbar when you are
       ready to accept user responses.
   8. The Voting/Timeout Bar will appear.

   9. When all users have voted, select the ACTIVote button
       again to view results. If all voters haven’t voted you may get a request to allow them to
       vote again or you can select X to go on to the results.
   10. Close response window and turn the page to the next question or write an ad hoc
       question on a new page.
   11. Repeat steps 7-9 for next responses.
   12. You may setup the voting sessions in Studio Settings to allow sessions that do not show
       results, allow only one time response as well as the ability to use a timed response.
       Select ACTIVote on the menu and select Settings to see these options.

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