Study Guide for American Revolution II

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					                Study Guide for American Revolution II

Test Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Resources: This study guide, Social Studies Textbook pages 247-269,
Bunker Hill Tri-fold, Comparison of Continental and British Armies,
Causes of American Revolution Domino Worksheet.

You need to be able to:

    Read the chart on the Bunker Hill tri-fold and interpret the

    Compare the Continental and the British armies. (Use the
     comparison chart we made in class.)

    Match these vocabulary words to their definitions: mercenary,
     enlist, revolution, allegiance, grievances, neutral, pacifists, siege,
     and treaty. Get these definitions out of your textbook. They are all
     yellow highlighted words on pages 247-269.

    Identify at least 5 causes of the American Revolution (use domino
     worksheet to study).

    Give two reasons the ragtag army of the colonies was able to beat
     the best army in the world, the British. (fighting style and help
     from France and Spain). This will be an essay question and you
     must be able to write about this.