American Revolution The Boston Massacre by Kaitlyn by arz13651


									                    American Revolution
                    The Boston Massacre
                         by Kaitlyn

     The newly fallen snow gave a chill to the people walking

across the          . Hugh White and his men were on duty, not

expecting what was going to happen. Tensions were rising in

Boston ever since the        arrived. Along the           , it was

common to see fights between the colonists and the British

soldiers. But on March 5, 1770, the colonists took a stand. They

soon were surrounding Hugh White and his soldiers, calling them

names. "Bloodyback!" and "           !"-these were based on the

red uniforms they wore. The British began to panic, so the

soldiers fired into the crowd of colonists killing five people.

This was the Boston Massacre.

     Crispus Attucks was born into slavery, then escaped

slavery at age twenty-seven and became a            , . Now this
man has led a group of sailors to Boston to help the colonists.

But his life ended that day.

     The British solders were put on trial for murder. A man

named, John Adams defended the British solders in         . The

surprising part is that Adams opposed to the British in Boston

and their       ing. But, he had a kind          and felt that

these men deserved a fair trial. The court decided that the

     were not guilty.

     In the center of Boston there is a patch of cobblestones.

In honor of Crispus Attucks and the other victims the

cobblestones had been preserved in memory for them.

     The Boston Massacre was only one of the many

between the patriots and loyalists. The Boston Massacre made a

mark in history that would be never forgotten.

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