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									                         Illinois Society Sons of the American Revolution
                                    Board of Managers Meeting
                                          November 8, 2008
                                        Bloomington, Illinois
                                           DRAFT MINUTES

There were 24 compatriots in attendance as follows 1 :

    Tom            Ashbrook        GJB
    Tom            Ashby           Zeally Moss
    J. Gordon      Bidner          GJB
    Don            Campb ell       GGRC
    Joe            Costello        Salt Creek
    William        Dawkins         GJB
    Rex            Egelston        Lewis & Clark
    Jack           Firse           Lewis & Clark
    Franz          Herder          Salt Creek
    Robert         Hoaglin         Stephen Decatur
    Harry          Hoit            GJB
    Jim            James           GGRC
    Mike           Johnston        Fox Valley
    Michael        McMeins         Fox Valley
    Bob            Morefield       Long Knives
    Lou            Myers           Springfield
    Duane          Neet            Ewington
    Tim            Raymer          GGRC
    Karl           Reed            Springfield
    Jim            Say             Kishwaukee
    Charles        Sener           Fox Valley
    Ron            Smith           Fox Valley
    Bruce          Talbot          Fox Valley
    Jim            Wallace         Long Knives

Attendance by Chapter was as follows (ten chapters represented):

    Fox Valley              5
    GJB                     4
    GGRC                    3

1   Based on attendance sheet circulated by recording secretary

Lewis & Clark        2
Long Knives          2
Salt Creek           2
Springfield          2
Ewington             1
Kishwaukee           1
Stephen Decatur      1

President Bidner called the meeting to order at 8:31 AM.

The Colors were presented at 8:32 AM by Compatriots Jim Say, Ron Smith, Don
Campbell, and Tim Raymer.

The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by President Bidner.

The SAR Pledge was lead by Compatriot Michael McMeins

The Invocation was given by ILSSAR Chaplain Bob Hoaglin.

The Color Guard was dismissed at 8:35 AM

President Bidner requested for each attendee to stand and introduce themselves, state
their chapter and office.

A Quorum of members was confirmed by Recording Secretary Mike Johnston. There
were 24 compatriots in attendance. Recording Secretary Johnston requested a
discussion of the minutes of the August 2008 BOM Meeting, and moved for approval.
Motion to approve minutes seconded by Compatriot Duane Neet. Motion passed on
voice vote.

Officer Reports:

President’s Report – J. President Bidner – by title – President Bidner presented
Recording Secretary Johnston with the Liberty Medal in recognition of being first line
signer of ten new members. Compatriot Jim Say was presented with 3 certificates of
recognition for his service at the national level.

President Bidner discussed the symbolism of the SAR Membership Medal, and urged
the members to remember the representation of the medal and follow its Biblical
foundations to help our society rather than be an impairment to it. President Bidner

discussed a circular he received from the Harry S Truman Chapter in Missouri for
ordering a chest bar listing an SAR member’s Patriot Ancestors. He also talked about
his attendance at the Fall Leadership Conference, as well as the GLD meeting in
Madison WI. President Bidner also d       iscussed the slate for officers of national office,
and will circulate the list for the board to review. Also mentioned was the Historic Sites
seminar held Friday afternoon.

SR VP Report – Franz Herder - no report.

ILSSAR National Trustee – Karl Reed – by title – Compatriot Reed also discussed the
fall leadership meeting. The main topic of discussion was that the new building plans
are moving ahead. There will be a 2 year fund raising campaig n. The society recently
received $1MM from one compatriot. ILSSAR Chancellor Jim Say is running for
reelection. Compatriot Reed has been elected to the office of VPG for the GLD.
Compatriot Reed thanked Compatriot Chuck Sener for his assistance in arranging the
GLD meeting scheduled for October 30, 2009 in Lisle, IL. Compatriot Sener negotiated
a room rate of $89 night. [Applause] President Bidner inquired if the ILSSAR BOM
should vote on supporting the national officer slate now, or at the February 2009 BOM
meeting. Compatriot Jim Say stated the candidates would appreciate it if it were done
now. Look at the circular being passed around, and then a vote should be taken later in
the meeting. President Bidner noted there are three contested offices where more than
one individual is seeking the position. Compatriot Reed noted that if the BOM wishes
to declare its support of any candidate, it must be done before December 31, 2008.
Compatriot Say instructed the BOM to examine the flyer listing the candidates, look at
their credentials. He has worked with all the candidates but has not yet decided who
he will support. Compatriot Don Campbell remarked the November BOM meeting
would be the last he would be able to attend for the next 4 months. Can he st ill send in
his note of support for his candidate?   President Bidner replied the ILSSAR BOM will
vote before the meeting closes. Compatriot Say noted that Compatriot Simpson’s bio
which was distributed has an email address included where notices of support can be
sent, so this can be done by individuals as well. Compatriot Reed reviewed the
candidates for the next term at national. He also stated that there may be a $5 dues
increase in the next year or two, as there are some needs at national for more staff.
Also, the national society has been using money from other funds to cover expenses,
possibly up to $90K for 2008. There is also concern in regard to SAR -Talk in relation to
SOX compliance. There has recently been political comments and statements made on
SAR-Talk, which can jeopardize NSSAR’s not-for-profit status. This is being addressed
by national.

Secretary’s Report – Duane Neet – Secretary Neet noted he had recently received a
copy of ILSSAR’s Certificate of Incorporation from Compatriot Joe Hill. Secretary Neet
stated he was presenting this to ILSSAR Historian Mike Johnston for placement in the
society’s files. Secretary Neet then distributed copies of his report. Compatriot Neet
reviewed the figures and stated ILSSAR’s numbers are now reconciled with national’s.
ILSSAR experienced five losses, all deaths, so ILSSAR’s membership numbers are now
817. Compatriot Neet noted his report also listed the new members and made a motion
to approve them, seconded by Recording Secretary Johnston. Motion passed on voice
vote.    Secretary Neet then talked about issues with supplemental applications that
have been turned down, and remarked ILSSAR must retain the records. Secretary Neet
has also learned from national that once the review of a supplemental application
begins there will be no refund. When Compatriot Casebeer passed away he had a
supplemental application working through the process. Secretary Neet checked to see
if national would issue a refund, and was told no for the above foregoing reason.
Compatriot Lou Myers observed that there is one individual at national who has strict
regulations and is “always right.” Secretary Neet provided an update on the transition
of the Treasurer’s duties being transferred to Compatriot Bob Collins. Secretary Neet
informed the BOM that this transition is going well and he discussed the process he and
Treasurer Collins have worked out to handle applications. Future dues invoices may
not be printed in Effingham, as Treasurer Collins wants to try generating the invoices,
he is working on it, and they should be out soon. Treasurer Collins had requested
information regarding drops, and Secretary Neet accessed the records from 2003 to
2007, which witnessed 259 drops during that period.

President Bidner inquired as to the location of the records/ documents that show
ILSSAR’s not-for-profit status. Secretary Neet replied that Treasurer Collins is going
back to the State of Illinois for the documents. Secretary Neet has copies, but the state
wants to see originals.

President Bidner discussed his process of handling new member certificates, and that he
had declined Secretary Neet’s request for a stamp for his signature. President Bidner
likes to send a personal letter of welcome to new members and to actually sign the
certificates. Secretary Neet had informed President Bidner that this function adds
approximately $1.50 to the mailing of each certificate as well as a few extra days for
transit. President Bidner asked the BOM for input and their observations and if he
should continue his present practice or allow Secretary Neet to use a stamp and send
out the letter? Compatriot Joe Costello observed the issue of drops and felt the more
personal contact a new member received the better for the society. Compatriot Karl
Reed remarked on the process during his tenure as president. The consensus of the
BOM was for president Bidner to continue with his current process.

Recording Secretary’s report – Mike Johnston - by title – President Bidner discussed
the departure of Compatriot Johnston as ILSSAR Recording Secretary, and directed the
BOM to the Recording Secretary’s report in the packet. President Bidner ask ed
Compatriot Johnston if there was anything he wished to say. Compatriot Johnston
stated to the BOM that if they had been contacted by Compatriot Chuck Sener in regard
to the position, to not let the manner in which he had performed in the position
intimidate anyone contacted. They would need to perform the job as theirs.
Compatriot Sener remarked that this announcement signaled that everyone in the room
was being contacted [laughter]. Compatriot Johnston apologized to the BOM and
stated that the recent change in his job function was unforeseen in May of 2008 when he
accepted another 2 year term of office. President Bidner inquired as to the significance
of the chart on page 4 of the report packet. Recording Secretary Johnston replied that
this tracked the BOM-to-BOM meeting as to those who had responded to requests for
reports. Compatriot Johnston stated they were a few individuals he would like to
“reach out and touch in a personal manner” in regard to this response rate. Compatriot
Johnston told the BOM his belief that ILSSAR cannot operate an organization in the 21st
century using mid-20th century technologies with a 19-century mindset, and trying to do
so would ensure our society will not grow to the extent everyone desires. Compatriot
Johnston noted that paper minutes and reports are going out of style and new and
improved means of obtaining the meeting minutes need to be explored. One item
Compatriot Johnston recommended was video-taping the meetings. Compatriot
Johnston concluded by saying he would “get down off the soapbox.” President Bidner
asked Compatriot Johnston if he would be willing to give advice, assistance and
direction to whoever fills the position after him. Compatriot Johnston replied in a
strong affirmative that he would be happy to assist. President Bidner thanked
Compatriot Johnston for his service and inquired of the BOM what they thought of
Compatriot Johnston’s tenure as recording secretary. The BOM responded by giving
Compatriot Johnston a standing ovation.

Treasurer’s Report - Bob Collins - by title – not present – Due to a prior commitment,
Treasurer Collins was unable to attend the BOM meeting. President Bidner asked
Finance Committee Chairman Joe Costello to come forward to discuss the Treasurer’s
Report if there happened to be any questions. President Bidner requested approval of
the Treasurer’s Report, and noted it contained all the data. Compatriot Costello
remarked that Treasurer Collins uses QuickBooks for the society’s Finances. Motion to
approve the Treasurer’s Report made by Compatriot Bob Morefield, and seconded by
Compatriot Joe Costello. Com patriot Chuck Sener inquired about the recent economic
events on ILSSAR’s investments. President Bidner replied he would like to vote on the
motion first. Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report passed on a show of hands.

Budget & Finance Committee Report– Joe Costello – Compatriot Costello stated his
report was in the packet on page 42. ILSSAR’s holdings as of September 30, 2008 show
a decline due to market conditions. ILSSAR hasn’t been devastated, but October was a
bad month. Compatriot Costello remarked that ILSSAR is staying the course in its
investments and is “not bailing.” Compatriot Costello advised the BOM not to try and
out-think the market. President Bidner thanked Compatriot Costello for the hard work
he does for ILSSAR and doing his job so well. Compatriot Jim Say inquired if the BOM
should formally vote to “stay the course” as suggested by Compatriot Costello.
President Bidner replied that the recommendation would be reflected in the meeting
minutes. Compatriot Jim Say nevertheless moved for a vote to make no changes in
ILSSAR’s investment strategies, which was seconded by Compatriot Chuck Sener.
Compatriot Jack Firse asked who can make changes to the investment strategies.
President Bidner replied the BOM can. Compatriot Costello discussed when funds
were moved and reallocated 8 years ago. Compatriot Michael McMeins asked if the
committee held any special meetings to which Compatriot Costello answered “no.”
Compatriot McMeins inquired about 6 weeks from now if conditions deteriorate.
Compatriot Costello stated the committee can hold meetings between BOM meetings,
but the BOM must vote to approve any changes. The motion for ILSSAR to “stay the
course” in its investment strategies was passed on a show of hands.

Compatriot Costello then discussed the 2009 budget, which is now a 12 month calendar
year like national. Compatriot Costello discussed the figures contained in the reports
and noted such changes as ROTC and History Teacher awards. Compatriot Costello
remarked about a possible dues increase in 2012. Compatriot Costello also conversed
about the subsequent four years of the five year budget, which is dictated by ILSSAR’s
by-laws. Compatriot Costello has increased some figures to allow for inflation, moved
some things around and also used an historical 4.5% as ROI. Compatriot Costello
stated the budget needs to provide a stable platform for ILSSAR’s activities.
Compatriot Costello discussed the 20% set-aside, and observed it may place a little
strain on the budget, but can be accomplished. Compatriot Costello moved to approve
the 2009 budget, which was seconded by Compatriot Rex Egleston. Motion to approve
2009 budget passed on a show of hands. Compatriot Costello then moved to approve
the four year planning budget. President Bidner explained these items were being
voted on separately because someone had complained in the past about approving
them together. Compatriot Jack Firse seconded the motion to approve the four year
planning budget, which passed on a show of hands. Compatriot Karl Reed thanked
Compatriot Costello for his hard work and for all his time that it took to pull all the
figures and data together for the budget [standing ovation]. President Bidner asked
about the audit expense? Compatriot Costello stated the funds are in the budget.
President Bidner asked for clarification that ILSSAR does not have to have one.

Compatriot Costello replied the issue can be decided on a year-by-year basis if needed,
but there is $3K in the budget to cover the expense.

Registrar’s Report – Harry Windland – by title – not present. A brief discussion was
held regarding Compatriot Windland’s email to the BOM via Recording Secretary
Johnston on October 8th that made the following request and stated: “any future
application sent to the ILSSAR Registrar prior to being reviewed by a chapter registrar or other
responsible officer will be returned to the applicant without review at the ILSSAR level.”

Genealogist’s Report – Bob Morefield – by title. Compatriot Morefield has learned the
DAR has changed their process for applications using previously approved
applications.    Rather than placing a checkmark by each item showing the
documentation has been checked, there is now one checkmark in the middle of the
application. SAR National is now refusing those types of record copies. Compatriot
Morefield recommended obtaining an earlier one with the items checked mark.
Compatriot Morefield remarked he had received an email from Compatriot Neet
regarding an application that was approved, but the accompanying DAR record copy
did not establish the Patriot’s service. The SAR wants information included with the
application that proves the Patriot’s service. Compatriot Morefield stated that last year
he gave a presentation on proper documentation. He has made enhancements to the
PowerPoint Presentation correcting small items and adding voice, and also the recent
change in the DAR Record Copy. He has copies of this CD for distribution to the
chapters should they want one. [Applause]

Historian’s Report – Mike Johnston – no formal report. Historian Johnston observed
that he is no longer receiving information from chapters as to their activities, meetings,
programs, etc. and asked if this was something that has ceased as a practice as a whole?
Chapter presidents present remarked they will begin to forward this information for
inclusion in the society’s files.

Chaplain’s Report – Robert Hoaglin – by title - Chaplain Hoaglin came forward and
read the names of the five recently departed compatriots – James Hughes, Clay Mott,
Joseph Wyler, Jr., Wampler Lloyd, and Arthur Abney – and requested a moment of
silence in their memory. President Bidner then discussed a situation where June Paige,
Russell Paige’s widow, sold seven SAR medals to an antique dealer, who in turn
contacted the DAR who contacted Compatriot Hoaglin. Compatriot Hoaglin purchased
the medals out of his own pocket for $60. President Bidner suggested the BOM
reimburse Compatriot Hoaglin. Motion to reimburse Compatriot Hoaglin $60 made by
Compatriot Jim Say, seconded by Compatriot Tim Raymer. Motion carried on show of
hands. [Applause for Compatriot Hoaglin] Compatriot Neet inquired if President

Bidner had sent an email to national about this situation. Compatriot Karl Reed replied
that he had, and also stated his belief that it was not Mrs. Paige who had done this, but
someone helping to settle the estate.

Compatriot Bob Morefield made an additional remark regarding the CD he discussed
earlier: it has a special run program embedded and will also run on a Mac computer.

Chancellor’s Report – Jim Say – apologized for lateness in submitting his report. He
had been assisting with officer transitions.

Sgt-at-Arms – Don Campbell – no report.

5 minute break – 10:05 - 10:10

Committee Reports

Audit Committee Report - Bing Seibold – no report – not present – President Binder
noted that due to Harry Windland’s traveling he has resigned from the audit committee
and needs to be replaced, and President Bidner requested a volunteer. Compatriot Jim
Say volunteered to serve as a replacement for Compatriot Windland.

Patriot Medal Committee Report – Chuck Sener – by title – Compatriot Sener urged
everyone to submit nominations by February 1st. Last year ILSSAR gave only one
Patriot Medal, and ILSSAR is allowed to present two. Compatriot Sener reminded the
BOM that the committee doe not make the nominations, but only reviews and approves
them. The nomination consists of a two page narrative being submitted to the
committee, who in turn generates the required formal report that is forwarded to
national. Compatriot Sener remarked that currently no one is in the queue for the 2009
award. .

Veteran’s Welfare Committee – Chuck Sener – by title – the committee will request the
BOM’s approval for the annual donation at the February BOM meeting.

Compatriot Sener noted that Compatriot Joe Smith recently had back surgery.
Compatriot Sener has talked with Joe’s wife who said he is doing better, but would
improve faster if he would quit climbing stairs.

Ladies Auxiliary – Shirley Firse, Esther Reed, Eleanor Egleston, Wendy Herder and
Chloe Hoaglin were recognized by President Bidner for their efforts on behalf of the

C.A.A.H. Shirley Firse came forward and thanked the BOM for buying raffle tickets
and being so generous. The auxiliary has decided to reinstitute the 50/50 distribution.
There was then a drawing for a $50 and $100 Wal-Mart gift card. [Applause]

ROTC/Law Enforcement Committee – Bruce Talbot – by title – Compatriot Talbot
stated his report was on page 50 of the packet. Compatriot Talbot thanked Compatriots
Dyrud and Herder for driving a long trip to be present in uniform in Chicago for the
ROTC presentation. Compatriot Joe Harris from national was also in attenda nce.
Compatriot Talbot pointed out the guidelines for the ROTC award was on page 52 and
the nomination form was on page 55 of his report. There had been some confusion in
the past regarding the awards. The nomination form needs to go to every high school
within each chapter area. Compatriot Talbot d    iscussed the back order of the medals
from national. He hopes to have these by the February BOM for distribution to the
chapters. The form on page 55 does not have to complete for a cadet to receive medal,
but does have to be filled out if the cadet meets requirements for the $500/$1000
scholarship for state or national award. Compatriot Talbot still needs to put together
the guidelines for Law Enforcement and EMS criteria, and hope to have it completed by
the next BOM meeting. If chapters are making a Law Enforcement award please
contact Compatriot Talbot so national can publish this information.

Compatriot Duane Neet rose and apologized, but remarked he and his wife were
leaving to go see their new great-granddaughter. [Applause]

CAR/DAR Relations Committee – no report

History Teacher Award Committee Report – Harry Windland– by title – not present –
Compatriot Tim Raymer rose and reminded all chapter to submit their nomination
forms, etc. to either Compatriot Windland or Compatriot Feeney.

Flag Award Committee Report – Joe Smith – by title – not present

Eagle Scout Committee Report – Jim Say – Compatriot Say remarked that last year
ILSSAR had problems getting applications prior to the December 1st deadline. He has
not received any applications to date, and encouraged all chapters to submit their
applications as soon as possible. The deadline can be pushed back to December 15t h is
needed, but this puts a crunch in getting the paperwork to national.

Citizenship/Knight/Rumbaugh – Franz Herder – by title – Sr. VP Herder noted his
report was on page 43 in the packet, and discussed the events that took place after
Friday’s Historic Sites Seminar. Sr. VP Herder is in the process of restructuring the

application system for the essay and orations competitions. These functions were
previously handled by Compatriot Jim Barr, with some chapters doing the citizenship
portion themselves. However, the larger portion of the work was handled by Jim Barr,
and there is no longer a central point of contact. This will create a number of problems
since a large share of Illinois is not covered by an SAR chapter. The Metro-Chicago area
has slightly overlapping chapter coverage which hasn’t presented any problems. The
idea being considered now is for the chapters to pick up the essay and orations mailing
in conjunction with their citizenship mailings. A system will be set up for applications
to be reviewed by Sr. VP Herder, who will then forward the data to national. It is
hoped the chapters will take on responsibility for counties adjacent to their chapter area
of operations to cover those areas where a functioning SAR chapter does not exist. Sr.
VP Herder will be having conversations with some of the members who attended
Friday’s meeting and will develop a plan on how to move forward. [Applause]

Medals & Awards Committee Report – Franz Herder – this activity needs a volunteer
to handle and oversee its functions. The function is “bumping along” but really needs
strong leader.

Color Guard Report– Michael McMeins – The color guard has been busy. Compatriot
Ron Smith came forward and showed the poster Compatriot McMeins composed.
Compatriot McMeins noted miniatures are available. Applause for Michael’s poster,
which has been submitted to national. Compatriot McMeins noted that webmaster Bob
Collins has all pictures on the ILSSAR website.

Ethics Committee – Rex Egleston – no report

CAAH Fundraising – ILSSAR needs to make commitment for donations.                    This
committee needs volunteers to serve.

Membership/Chapter Development – Bing Seibold – no report - not present

Webmaster’s Report – Bob Collins – no report - not present

Patriot Newsletter – Ron Smith – by title – Compatriot Smith requested that the
chapter continue to send him artic les. He remarked his was report was in the packet
and hoped everyone would please read it. President Bidner reminded the BOM that
Compatriot Smith can’t print what isn’t sent to him, and noted that The Illinois Patriot
is not a “Fox Valley” newsletter, and the situation Compatriot Smith mentions in his
report is erroneous.

Historic Sites (seminar) – Ashbrook/Firse- Compatriot Ashbrook noted there had been
a superior seminar on Friday. Compatriot Firse rose to thank his colleague Compatriot
Ashbrook and stated he did a great presentation of integrating the data on known
patriots, and ILSSAR will use a standardized form statewide. There is also a plan to use
the DAR & CAR to compile the data. There are extra copies of seminar packet if anyone
would like one.

Revolutionary War Commentary – Jim Wallace – Long Knives. Compatriot Wallace
discussed and displayed the various uniforms used from the Revolution up to The War
of 1812. Compatriot Wallace discussed how the uniforms were made, how they were
worn, who worn them, and the different accouterments and their purpose. [Applause]

Chapter Reports:

“This is our chapter”

Captain Zeally Moss - Tom Ashby – discussed formation of the chapter in 2007, its
membership, and activities.

General George Rogers Clark – Tim Raymer – discussed formation of chapter in 1985,
its membership, and activities. Only two charter members survive.
New Business:

Mike McMeins is working with the GGRC chapter for photography and Color Guard

Harry Hoit participated in the Honor Flight to the WWII Memorial and Compatriot
Hoit thanked all those who sent letters to him.

President Bidner discussed a possible trip to Louisville during spring leadership
meeting in March 2009 and stopping at Lincoln Sites. If chapters have any interest in
participating, please contact President Bidner. Wives would be included.

Lou Myers discussed the Springfield Chapter report. Copies were distributed.

President Bidner returned to the topic of the slate for national officers. Compatriot Tom
Ashby moved to affirm the GLD recommendations, which was seconded by Compatriot
Lou Myers. Compatriot Jim Say rose and recommended additional discussion.
Compatriot Rex Egleston stated that for discussion purposes he stands in opposition to

all candidates so Compatriot Say can discuss the various candidates, which he did.
(unknown) called the question. Question called by show of hands. Motion to affirm
GLD recommendations for national officers carried by a hand vote. It was reiterated to
contact Compatriot Bruce Wilcox with your personal support.

Announcements: dates & locations of upcoming BOM meetings and NSSAR leadership

Compatriot Chuck Sener reminded the BOM the deadline for Stark Award data is
February 1 st.

Compatriot Karl Reed remarked that he enjoyed the program on the chapters and Jim
Wallace’s presentation.

The Benediction was given by Chaplain Bob Hoaglin

The SAR Recessional was lead by Sr. VP Franz Herder:

The Colors were retrieved and retired at 12:03 PM.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:04 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael R. Johnston
ILSSAR Recording Secretary


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