Who, What, Where: What to Do If You Become Lost in a Fire Building by ProQuest


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 Who, What, Where: What to Do
 If You Become Lost in a Fire Building
Remember Who You Are, What Your Problem Is and Where You Are

        ou are performing a search with                      to do with where you are physically. It is       three things; who I am, where I am and
        your partner on the second floor                     a mental condition that is not easily cor-       what my problem is. Who, what, where.
        of an office building. There are                     rected. Silently trying to work your way         This is easy, folks.
reports of people possibly being unac-                       out of this problem could cost you your               Let’s listen to my Mayday transmis-
counted for and the exact location of the                    life, so don’t keep this to yourself. Yes, you   sion and the responses from command:
fire has not yet been determined. Your                       can still try to solve your                                         “Mayday, Mayday, May-
search team is one of two teams that                         problem, but you must call        If you are                   day.”
have been deployed into the building to                      for help.                                                           “Unit with the Mayday,
locate both the victims and the fire.
     After a few minutes of search-
                                                                   Option two is another
                                                             poor choice. It is not totally
                                                                                             lost, transmit                 go ahead.”
                                                                                                                                 “This is L-71 remote. I am
ing, conditions deteriorate further, the
smoke condition has worsened and you
                                                             incorrect because you are
                                                             calling for help, but why put
                                                                                             a Mayday. You                  lost. I think I’m on the third
                                                                                                                            floor somewhere.”
attempt to contact your partner to ask if                    this entire problem on the                                          Let’s stop right here for a
you should continue. You get no answer                       shoulders of a single firefight- must call for                 moment. Does the incident
when you shout to him, so you call him                       er? Simply informing your                                      commander need to know
on the radio. He answers that he has al-                     partner of your predicament          help.                     anything else to get help to
ready begun to retreat and that he could                     will delay the operational re-                                 me and solve my problem?
not locate you or contact you. You make                      sponse that you really need at this point.       Yes. He may want to know how much air
a few turns and crawl a few feet to begin                    Your partner may even do the right thing         I have left. He may want to know if I can
your own exit when you suddenly real-                        and pass the information up the chain of         hear any engines running or other rec-
ize that you are lost!                                       command to the incident commander, but           ognizable noises. He may want to know
     We know that there are several ac-                      the notification and subsequent response         whether I am injured or alone.
tions you can take right now. One is to                      are now irreparably delayed.                          There are lots of things the incident
try again to orient yourself and attempt    
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