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Baker reviews The Lost Conspiracy by Frances Hardinge.

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    investigate an attack on Isi’s husband, Rin goes along. Through their
    travels, Rin begins to learn about her tree-speaking ability and to
    develop her own confidence by copying the queen; her new strengths
    are put to the test when Isi’s infant son is kidnapped by the queen’s old
    enemy and Rin is the only one at liberty to save him. Hale goes beyond
    adolescent angst to serious emotional turmoil as Rin confronts the sup-
    pressed circumstances around the kiss, the reason for the trees’ disgust,
    and an unforeseen talent that tips the balance in the struggle for the
    queen’s son. All is told in Hale’s assured voice, drawing the details of
    her invented countries with precision and depth. Strong characters
    define the series: commanding Isi, passionate Enna, wily Razo, and
    now shadowed Rin. Newcomers will find this book an easy entry point,
    and fans will need no excuse to dive back into Hale’s fantasy world.
    anita l. burkam

  # Frances Hardinge The Lost Conspiracy
      567 pp. Bowen/HarperCollins 9/09 isbn 978-0-06-088041-5 $16.99 g
      Library edition isbn 978-0-06-088042-2 $17.89
      (Middle School)
    Hathin is a conscientious caretaker of her sister Arilou, one of the Lost—
    those whose senses are “loosely tethered” to their bodies, who can
    observe and report on what’s happening anywhere on Gullstruck
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