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Burkam reviews Forest Born by Shannon Hale.

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									September/October 2009                                                  561

writing letters to Yann. The old adage turns out to be true in this tale:
absence does make the heart grow fonder, even if it also allows a few
misconceptions to fester. Yann’s heroic exploits in Paris are interrupted
by the return of Count Kalliovski, long presumed dead, who stalks the
catacombs beneath the streets wielding his own dark powers and
accompanied by an ominous black dog. Gardner employs both lush
prose and a rich, Dickensian cast of unusual characters, including Tetu
the dwarf and Aulard the theater manager. She uses magic in the novel
as a method of illuminating the good and evil that men engage in and
as a technique for throwing the complexity and richness of history into
stark relief. Although The Silver Blade does not easily stand alone, it is a
worthy companion to its predecessor, providing a rewarding and hard-
earned conclusion for both Yann and Sido. megan lynn isaac

Patricia Reilly Giff Wild Girl
  147 pp. Lamb/Random 8/09 isbn 978-0-375-83890-3 $15.99 g
  Library edition isbn 978-0-375-93890-0 $18.99
Since her mother’s death five years before, twelve-year-old Lidie has
been living with her aunt and uncle in her native Brazil. Now she is
finally joining her father and older brother Rafael in Queens, New York,
where they work training race horses. Headstrong, impulsive Lidie is
excited to show Pai, her father (dubbed the Horseman), all she has
learned about horses and riding, but Pai and Rafael still think of her as
a little girl. They remember the seven-year-old who loved the color pink
and Disney characters, and they can’t see the real Lidie, the strong
young woman who can ride Cavalo, the farmer’s horse, bareback
through the rough terrain of Jales, Brazil. While Lidie is painfully adjust-
ing to a new home, school, and language, a filly is born in South Car-
olina. The alternating story of the filly unfolds slowly
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