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									                Vehicle Maintenance
               ManageMent conference

                             Join us for the 59th Annual VMMC

                             • Over 40 technical and supervisory sessions for
                               fleet maintenance and management
                             • Indoor and outdoor exhibits, with industry
                             • Learn about new technology, new engine
                               designs, hybrid technologies and more from
  MARCH 22-24, 2010            industry leaders
     sponsored by            • Build and retain valuable contacts
University of Washington
                             • Earn continuing educational units (CEUs)
  Seattle, Washington
                             • New 3-day schedule
                             • Leave with ideas, latest trends, and technology
                               to do your job more effectively
                             • This conference has received “Excellent” ratings
                               by participants year after year

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                                             1-866-791-1275 (toll free),
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                  Rolling Along: VMMC in a Changing World
                                           Vehicle Maintenance Management Conference
“                                                                                                March 22-24, 2010

                                            Join other mechanic, fleet managers, shop supervisors, and manufacturers
                                            to exchange ideas and get answers to daily challenges. This unique
    “EXCELLENT Ratings”                     conference achieves its goals by focusing on the future of vehicle
    Experience first-rate educational       maintenance and fleet management, providing in-depth educational
                                            presentations and encouraging direct interaction with experts during open
    content. This information-packed
                                            forum panel sessions. This is my 20th year of involvement with VMMC and
    conference will be the best             I am proud to be a part of an organization that contributes so much to the
    investment of your time and             vehicle maintenance management industry. I invite you to discover what
    training dollars.                       the VMMC “experience” means to you by attending the 2010 conference.
                                            Kerry Swayne, Northwest Regional Office Air Program
                                            Washington State Department of Ecology
                                            2010 Conference Chair

                                            Who benefits?
                                              Fleet Managers
    What participants have to say             Shop Supervisors
    about VMMC:
                                                                         Who participates?
    “Very well put together conference        Technicians                 City, County, and State Governments
    with a broad spectrum of technical        Mechanics                   Utilities
    and management track sessions.”
    - Fleet Supervisor                        Students/Instructors        Transit
                                              Owners/Operators            School Districts
    “Have not attended any other type         Vehicle Maintenance Experts
    of conference like this one. I like                                   Students/Instructors
    the ability to share ideas with many                                  Manufacturing/Suppliers
    different fleets.”                                                    Transportation
    - Shop Supervisor
                                                                          Other Fleet Dependent Operations

    “Your educational venue plays an
    important part in fleet operations.
    The VMMC helped me a great deal
    in my years as a fleet manager.”

    “Not only do attendees have a
    chance to network with peers,
    they attended richly educational
    seminars given by people who have
    worked in this field. Experience is
    a wonderful thing. Finding people
    willing to share their experience is

    “Vast variety and levels of people

                                                                City, County, State, Private Fleets
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conference featUreS                      
                                                              or call
•     In-depth technical                       1-866-791-1275 (toll free)
       presentations                                  206-543-5539
•     Interactive open panel
•     Special utility track on
       equipment and fleet issues                                                   Exhibitor Opportunity
•     Technician and Management track and roundtable forums                         The VMMC Exhibit provides
•     Fleet management skills                                                       equipment and service suppliers
                                                                                    a cost-effective opportunity to
•     Find solutions to troublesome maintenance issues
                                                                                    display their products and meet
•     Opportunity to network                                                        new customers. There is a two-day
•     Hybrid technology and application                                             indoor exhibit and a one-day outdoor
•     Equipment and product exhibit program                                         exhibit. If you wish to participate as
•     Lunches and refreshment breaks                                                an exhibitor, contact Exhibit Manager,
                                                                                    Syd Fredrickson, 206-543-1537 or
•     Mini Tech-Challenge                                                           1-866-791-1275 (toll free) or you can
      Are you up to the challenge? Show us that you know your stuff!                visit the VMMC website:
      We are repeating this very popular event so join us for the Mini
      Tech-Challenge, conducted between conference sessions on            
      Monday and Tuesday. Top scorers will be awarded prizes at
      Wednesday’s closing session.                                                  Exhibitors in 2009

                                                                                    6 Robblees
                                                                                    Altec Industries, Inc.
                                                                                    Arsenaut Associates
                                                                                    Ben’s Cleaner Sales, Inc.
                                                                                    Chainless Gate System, LLC
                                                                                    CCECO Lab & Filtration
    At VMMC... Technicians:                                                         Cobalt Truck Equipment
    Sessions for
                                                                                    DewEze Mfg.
                                                                                    Dueco, Inc.
    Engine Panel & Presentations                                                    Dyna-Flow, LLC
    Hydraulics                                                                      EnviroMet
    Fasteners                                                                       Force America, Inc.
    Brakes                                                                          Freightliner Truck Company
    Alternative Fuels                                                               Jasper Engines and Transmissions
                                                                                    LiftLogic, Inc.
    Mechanical Vegetation Control-
                                                                                    MGM Brakes
                                                                                    Monroe Trucking
    Battery, Starting & Charging                                                    Nelson Truck Co. Equipment, Inc.
         Systems                                   “Talking with others for their   ORGANIZE IT of Puget Sound
    Technician Roundtable                         experience and knowledge.”        Owen Equipment Company
    Prognostics Streamline                                                          Precision Collision Auto Body Inc.
         Transmission Maintenance                                                   Racor Division, Parker Hannifin Corp.
    Suspensions, Axles and Chassis                                                  SAMEDAY Inc.
    Catalylic Converter Service                                                     Terex Utilities
                                                                                    Titan Truck Equipment
    Controller Area Network Diagnosis                                               TMW Systems, Inc.
    Vehicle Safety Lighting                                                         Transmission Remanufacturing Co.
    New Diagnostic Procedures                                                       TriVan Truck Body
    OBD II - No Code Diagnostics                                                    Valley Truck
    Towing and Recovery                                                             Western Integrated Technologies
                                                                                    Whelen Engineering Company
    Evaporative Emissions Testing and

                                  Monday, March 22, 2010
                                    8:00-8:20 a.m.	          Opening	General	Session
VMMC Session Information
                                                             The opening general session is an important first step in maximizing your VMMC experience.
                                                             The 2010 conference officers, Kerry Swayne, Chair; Gene Jakubczak, Vice-Chair; and Bryan
                                                             Bazard, Secretary, will provide detailed information necessary for you to get a running start,
                                                             making the most of the many educational opportunities that the conference has to offer.

                                    8:20-8:50 a.m.           The	Impact	of	Electric	Vehicles	on	our	Environment
                                                             Keynote Speaker: Jim Schnitzius, Pacific Electric Vehicle
                                                             In order to understand what decisions and actions we need to make today regarding our
                                                             environment, community, and economy, we first need to understand what has happened in
                                                             the past; where we are today; and where we need to arrive. Jim will try to put this all into
                                                             perspective, in order to help us make some important decisions to move from a “wait and see”
                                                             mode to a “take action” mode. It’s a call for people to stand up and become leaders at work,
                                                             home and in their communities to get things back on track.

                                    9:00-10:30 a.m.	         Coatings	for	the	Transportation/Equipment	Industry
                                                             Presenter: Jon Palo, International Paint Company (Division of Akzo Nobel Coatings, Inc.)
                                                             What is the protective or aesthetic value of the coating system on a piece of equipment? The
                                                             speaker will address the basics of a protective coating system. Explanations of the various kinds
                                                             of coating systems with cost analysis typically found on equipment will be discussed. Bring your
                                                             questions and find answers.

                                    	                        Quality	Environmental	Fleet	Management
                                                             Presenters: Ezel Baltali and Bruce Horan, PHH Arval
                                                             Representatives of PHH Arval will discuss the fleet management capabilities of telematics
                                                             including the market trends, what types of telematics exists, and how to maximize operation
                                                             efficiencies with the use of telematics. Telematics have become an integral part of fleets’
                                                             operations and each company/individual needs to recognize what exists for certain applications.
                                                             PHH Arval has extensive knowledge of what benefits exist and how to maximize these. This
                                                             presentation intends to provide a better understanding of overall telematics through analytics
                                                             and market experience.

                                    	                        Engine	Panel
                                                             Panel Facilitator: Mel Lofquist, Cummins Northwest, Inc.
                                                             What are the engine manufacturers Detroit Diesel, Cummins and International doing to meet the
                                                             new 2010 emission standards? Come and find out.

                                    	                        Mobile	Hydraulics	for	the	21st	Century	and	Hydraulic	Systems	
                                                              Preventive	Maintenance	Programs	(also offered at 10:50 AM)
                                                             Presenter: Nathan Ford, Force America
                                                             In this session, we will cover the latest hydraulic components and controls available for use
                                                             in today’s mobile equipment. We will look at the major differences when compared to the
                                                             typical systems of yesterday, as well as explore the major advantages of utilizing the latest
                                                             technologies. We will also discuss proper preventive maintenance procedures for today’s
                                                             hydraulic systems; how some simple changes in these two areas can save huge amounts of
                                                             money in fuel costs, labor, down time and equipment repairs; as well as simple solutions that
                                                             can help you better manage your time. If you plan to register for this special session, indicate it
                                                             on the registration form in the space provided. The class is limited to 15 people.

                                    10:50 a.m.-12:30 p.m.	   Fasteners:	What	You	Always	Wanted	to	Know	But	Never	Asked?
                                                             Presenters: Barry Sadler, Loctite Corporation and Jim Page, Empire Fastener
                                                             What holds your equipment together? Learn all about the latest in various adhesives and plastic
                                                             fasteners that are common in today’s equipment. Experts will cover how these fasteners work.
                                                             Review what you really need to know before you put a torque wrench on a mechanical fastener.
                                                             Make sure you are current with the most common reasons that fasteners fail.

                                    	                        Plug-in	Vehicle	Update
                                                             Facilitator: Bryan Bazard, Washington State Motor Pool
                                                             In this session we will discuss the latest technology currently available along with the new
                                                             vehicles and demonstration programs that will be coming out this year.

                                    	                        Specialty	Vehicle	Design	–	Hydro	Excavators
                           “Have not attended                Facilitator: Kim Svidran, Washington State Motor Pool
                           any other type of                 One of the most difficult pieces of equipment to write specifications for is a hydro excavator.
                                                             Join us as we discuss the challenges and obstacles we face when developing specifications for
                           conference like this              these vehicles.
                           one. I like the ability
                           to share 	ideas with              Mobile	Hydraulics	for	the	21st	Century	and	Hydraulic	Systems	
                           many different fleets.”            Preventive	Maintenance	Programs
                                    	                        Presenter: Nathan Ford, Force America
                                                             Session description the same as 9:00 a.m.

Monday, March 22, 2010 (continued)

 1:30-3:00 p.m.	    Greening	Your	Fleet	Through	Alternate	Fuels

                                                                                                                             VMMC Session Information
                    Facilitator: David Adler, Washington State Ecology
                    This year’s panelists will educate you on CNG, Propane & Urea. Find out what’s available for
                    retrofit of your fleet vehicles. New vehicles and equipment are available from the OEM’s. Panelists
                    will also discuss fuel availability, incentive programs and how you can help clean the air.

 	                  Mechanical	Vegetation	Control	–	Mowers
                    Facilitator: Russ Kaleese, City of Cottage Grove
                    This session will provide you with an excellent opportunity to explore a broad range of usages for
                    mowers, such as alley abatement, roadside vegetation management and golf course utilization/
                    maintenance. Learn how to solve mechanical difficulties that can occur with mowers.

 	                  Battery,	Starting,	and	Charging	System	Essentials	of	Diagnosis
                    Presenter: Jerry Baarson, CARQUEST Technical Institute
                    What should be a staple in your diagnostic arsenal has changed over the past several years
                    because of new technologies. Diagnosing batteries, starters and alternators now includes scan
                    tool and capacitance testing coupled with the essential electronic skills you should possess. This
                    course focuses first on the essential skills of testing a battery followed by a review of current
                    starting and charging system technologies. Then you’ll follow a detailed process to accurately
                    diagnose and service these common complex systems.

 1:30-5:00 p.m.	    Hydraulic	Brakes
                    Presenter: Sean Chesney, Innovative Training Solutions, Inc.
                    This session will give you a short introduction on hydraulic ABS, hydraulic brakes, and air over
                    hydraulic brakes. This will also include diagnostics of these systems. Questions and answers
                    session will follow.

 3:20-5:00 p.m.	    Lubes	and	Filtration
                    Facilitator: Les Candee, Alaska Marine Lines
                    How clean is clean? Is “new” oil even clean? How would you measure the cleanliness of the
                    lubrication products used in your fleet? Are your service or oil change increments realistic or
                    unrealistic? How “far out” can they really be extended and still do the job? The presentation will
                    address the use of ISO standards for determining what the answers are to these questions.

 	                  Your	Shop:	Working	Safe	/	Working	Clean
                    Facilitator: David Adler, Washington State Ecology
                    Topics will include management of hazardous waste, new chemicals, nano technology regarding
                    body work, painting and vehicle washing.

 	                  Detroit	Diesel	Engines
                    Presenter: Louis LaFranchise, Detroit Diesel
                    Detroit Diesel is proud to present Detroit Diesel Power for 2010. Base engine changes and
                    aftertreatment systems to meet the 2010 emission standards will be covered.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

 7:30-7:50 a.m.	    Daily	Orientation
                    Greetings and highlights, to start your day right.

 7:50-8:20 a.m.	    Fuel	Economy	–	Managing	the	Greatest	Variable:	Driver	Technique
                    Keynote Speaker: Kirk Altricher, Gordon Trucking Inc.
                    This presentation will be centered around the impact of driver behavior on fuel economy, what a
                    fleet owner can do to impact driver behavior positively and the economic impact of the EPA engine
                    requirements on truck owners. Get answers to these questions: What can we do to get more out
                    of a gallon of fuel? What is peak torque? Progressive shifting; driving technique and its impact on
                    fuel economy; economic difference between good performance and poor performance; EGR vs.
                    Non-EGR vs. SCR.

 8:30-12:15 p.m.    Reduce	Fleet-	Shop-Parts-Fuel	Capital	and	Operating	Costs	Up	to	25%	in	
                     Twelve	Months
                    Presenter: Kelly Walker, Kelly Walker Associates
                    Kelly Walker one of the top fleet management consulting, training and skills certifying firms will
                    present a practical session on how to reduce capital and operating costs. Kelly will discuss world-
                    class strategies and tactics proven to optimize your fleet management performance.

                               Tuesday, March 23, 2010 (continued)

                                Tire	and	Wheel	Panel
VMMC Session Information
                                                       Facilitator: Rich Cetnarowski, Tire Distribution Systems
                                                       Does anyone in your shop actually handle a tire and wheel assembly? If so, are they trained?
                                                       Learn not only what training your organization must be able to document but how to get that
                                                       training. Tire and wheel costs remain the 3rd largest cost item in every fleet. Get the latest
                                                       facts from the experts on how to not only keep costs in line but how to reduce them. The
                                                       session will involve presentations, videos and discussions covering everything from the end
                                                       of the axle (wheel locking hardware) through the tire’s contact with the road.

                                Medium-Duty	Hybrid	Trucks
                                                       Presenters: Greg Loew, Altec Industries, Inc., and Nick Cammisa, Hy-Power
                                                       A new generation of medium-duty trucks is emerging. Demand for medium-duty hybrid
                                                       trucks is on the rise and as a result, there is an unveiling of innovative technologies from
                                                       new players in the market. This session will showcase the latest medium-duty hybrid truck
                                                       technology presented to you by industry leaders featuring diesel-electric hybrid trucks, plug-in
                                                       hybrid trucks, all-electric plug-in trucks and much more.

                                	                      Bendix	Brake	Advancements	in	Stability	and	New	Stopping	Distance	
                                                       Presenter: Paul Jones, Bendix
                                                       This double session will cover roll and electronic stability programs and adaptive cruise
                                                       control with braking (Wingman) of the anti lock braking systems. It will also cover the new
                                                       federal stopping distance requirements including actual requirements and dates, air disc and
                                                       wide drum brakes and brake up grades and retrofits. There will be time allowed for questions
                                                       and answers.

                                1:15-2:45 p.m.         Writing	and	Presenting	Performance	Evaluations
                                                       Presenter: Phil Barto, PE, Fleet Engineering Services
                                                       Most people do not like to do performance evaluations so they try to avoid them. However,
                                                       every leader knows that as much as they may dislike doing them, they are well worth the
                                                       effort. Learn why performance evaluations are so important to you and the employee. Get
                                                       practical information on preparing and conducting them; what should be covered in any
                                                       evaluation; pointers on what to say and do when you meet with employees – whether for a
                                                       good or bad evaluation; and, what the next step is when you have a negative evaluation.

                                	                      Prognostics	Streamline	Transmission	Maintenance
                                                       Presenter: Matthew Braaten, Allison Transmission
                                                       Allison Transmission, the world’s leading supplier of commercial duty fully automatic
                                                       transmissions, has introduced new prognostic features now available on model year 2009
                                                       Allison 1000/2000/3000/4000 Series products. The prognostic system monitors various
                                                       operating parameters to determine when specific maintenance is required. In this session you
                                                       will learn how to use the prognostic features to achieve better environmental management,
                                                       get maximum oil life, protect the transmission system and reduce your overall maintenance

                                	                      Power	Distribution	Systems
                                                       Presenter: Bob Thomas, Wired Rite
                                                       Current transmission and engine technology is computerized to provide a multitude of
                                                       programs for aftermarket installers. The challenge for equipment manufacturers is how to
                                                       connect with and best use these numerous options. Several power distribution systems
                                                       are available to maximize the efficiency of mounted equipment and provide the interface
                                                       necessary for the truck to communicate with the installed equipment. This session will
                                                       describe and explain several of the power distribution systems now being used.

                                	                      Catalytic	Converter	Service
                                                       Presenter: Jerry Baarson, CARQUEST Technical Institute
                                                       In today’s service facility, making the right choices when diagnosing and replacing catalytic
                                                       converters is critical in order to stay in compliance with ever-changing laws and to maximize
                                                       profitability. CARQUEST Technical Institute will help you understand the key issues when
                                                       dealing with catalytic converters. Laws are changing as we speak, and it is your responsibility
                                                       to understand them so you stay out of trouble and leverage them to provide the best solution.

                                1:15-5:00 p.m.         Tire	and	Wheel	Assembly	Training	and	Certification                        new
                                                       Presenter: Gerald Dunn, Tire Distribution Systems, Inc.
             “Great speakers, great                    This is a certification class based on the requirements of OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.177
             subject. It’s nice to know                for those who handle tire and wheel assemblies. The class focuses on the employee
             you are not alone. Met a lot              in a typical shop that is removing, installing, demounting, and mounting wheel and tire
                                                       assemblies. It includes video presentations with a four part study guide, question and answer
             of nice people with similar               sessions, and a final certification test at the end. Upon completion of the class, and passing
             jobs.”                                    score of 70 percent on the test, the tech will receive a certificate of completion which can
                 - Fleet Manager                       be displayed in the shop in the event of an inspection. The cost is $50 per person for class
                                                       materials and certification. If you plan to register for this special session, indicate it on the
                                                       registration form in the space provided. The class is limited to 20 people.
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 (continued)

 3:30-5:00 p.m.	    Developing	Charge-Back	Rates	That	Increase	Accountability	and	

                                                                                                                           VMMC Session Information
                     Reduce	Costs
                    Presenter: Paul Laurie, Mercury Associates
                    A properly designed charge-back rate process is one of the most useful tools in fleet
                    management. Vehicle rates make both fleet management and fleet users aware of the costs
                    of the fleet resource. Paul Lauria, will discuss how to develop charge-back rates that will
                    promote the efficient use of fleet resources.

 	                  New	Diagnostic	Procedures
                    Presenter: Ed Schaplow, Allview Services, Inc.
                    This session will provide you the technician and fleet manager with the latest in 2010
                    diagnostics for your fleet. New concepts, OBD regulations and suggested procedures will be
                    discussed to help keep your fleet moving.

 	                  PM	and	Maintenance	Self-Propelled	Aerial,	Work	Platforms
                    Presenter: Bob Bartley, Genie Industries
                    The traditional focus of utility sessions has been truck-mounted equipment and chassis
                    drivetrain systems. Many fleets also have self-propelled aerial work platforms and are
                    required to maintain and repair them. This session will bring together both manufacturers and
                    users of aerial work platforms for an introductory review of this essential equipment along
                    with a discussion of preventive maintenance and repair.

 	                  Navistar	International	Engines
                    Presenter: Tim Shick, Engine Group, Navistar, Inc.
                    Navistar International is proud to present MaxxFORCE International Diesel Power for 2010.
                    Internationals line up of engines and emission systems to meet the 2010 emission standards.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
 7:30-7:50 a.m.	    Daily	Orientation
                    Greetings and highlights, to start your day right

 7:50-8:20 a.m.	    Gain	Insight	on	the	Challenges	Faced	by	Ford,	How	They	Survived,	
                     and	Ford’s	Exciting	Future
                    Keynote Speaker: Chris Eldridge, Ford Motor Company
                    Chris will provide insight on the challenges faced by Ford Motor Company and the Industry
                    over the last few years and what is ahead. This presentation will offer insight on how Seattle’s
                    own Alan Mullaly leveraged his experiences at Boeing to position Ford for a successful
                    future. Learn about Alan’s simple and consistent “One Ford” plan to turn one of the country’s
                    oldest companies into a “Turbo Machine.” One Team, One Plan, One Goal.

 8:30-10:00 a.m.	   Cooling	System	Maintenance:		Solving	the	Problems,	Ending	the	
                    Facilitator: Jay Johnson, Dober of Glenwood
                    Why the various coolant colors? What kind do I use? How to test? When to replace? What
                    can go wrong? In addition to freezing and boil-over hazards, a cooling system is subject to
                    pitting, corrosion, cavitation, erosion and electrolysis. This session will help you understand
                    automotive and heavy-duty maintenance programs by reviewing current practices, products,
                    and procedures. Basic and advanced cooling system maintenance and testing programs will
                    be covered. Examples of unacceptable maintenance practices/proper coolant maintenance
                    options will be discussed.

 	                  Bringing	It	Back	Home	on	a	Hook
                    Facilitator: Jon Losey, King County Metro
                    Comprehensive presentation discussing towing and recovery of different vehicles you might
                    have in your fleet.

 	                  Controller	Area	Network	Diagnosis
                    Presenter: Jerry Baarson, CARQUEST Technical Institute
                    Controller Area Network (CAN) is the newest standard communication protocol between
                    the scan tool and the vehicle. This session will show you how to recognize CAN equipped
                    vehicles, understand the new PIDs associated with CAN, leverage the tremendous data that
                    CAN will provide, and improve your diagnostic efficiencies on CAN equipped vehicles. You
                    will learn CAN standards, Generic CAN scan tool changes, CAN Mode changes, when to
                    upgrade your scan tool, and how to develop diagnostic processes for automotive network

 8:30-12:15 p.m.	   Truck	Specifications
                    Presenter: Bob Carlson, City of Everett MVD
                    Now on PowerPoint and thoroughly updated once again, this session is about understanding
                    how trucks work using a ground up approach and writing basic truck specifications.

                                       Wednesday, March 24, 2010 (continued)
                                        10:45-12:15 p.m.	   Fuel	Saving	Techniques	and	Equipment
VMMC Session Information
                                                            Facilitator: Dave Adler, Washington State Ecology
                                                            Come learn about fuel saving techniques and equipment for your fleet. Find out how to save
                                                            fuel by using better driving practices, add-on equipment and services. Topics of discussion will
                                                            include aerodynamics, anti-idling and heating equipment.

                                        	                   The	New	Standard	of	Vehicle	Safety	Lighting
                                                            Facilitator: Kerry Swayne, Washington State Ecology
                                                            Presenters will explain how to make you safer with zone lighting and discuss the past, present
                                                            and future of LED lighting.

                                        	                   Cummins	Engines
                                                            Presenter: John Lightner, Cummins Northwest, LLC
                                                            Cummins Northwest is proud to present Cummins Diesel Power for 2010. Base engine changes
                                                            and aftertreatment systems to meet the 2010 emission standards will be covered. How will the
                                                            new engines and systems effect your operation? Bring your questions.

                                        	                   Technical	Roundtable	Forum
                                                            Forum Facilitator: Ed Schaplow, Allview Services, Inc.
                                                            The Technical Roundtable is a great way to network with technicians from both private and
                                                            government fleets. This forum will stimulate thought-provoking dialogue. It is an excellent
                                                            opportunity to address your concerns and provide feedback and solutions based on experiences
                                                            of fellow participants.

                                        1:15-2:45 p.m.      Fleet	Hydrogen	Hybrid	Retrofits
                                                            Facilitator: Ed Schaplow, Allview Services, Inc.
                                                            Learn about the installation, costs, maintenance, carbon balance and benefits of hydrogen
                                                            hybrid retrofit systems. There will be discussion on vehicle applications, installation process, fuel
                                                            economy gains and CO2 reduction for diesel and gasoline fueled vehicles.

                                        	                   New	Crane	Standards
                                                            Presenter: Josh Chard, PhD., Altec Industries, Inc.
                                                            What are the new crane standards? Do you need a license? Do your mechanics need a
                                                            license? Are utilities exempt?

                                        	                   Modern	Automotive	Diagnostics	Procedures
                                                            Presenter: David May, Snap-on Industrial
                                                            Learn how component testing and lab scope techniques help reduce avoidable “down time” and
                                                            prevent unnecessary repair costs.

                                        1:15-5:00 p.m.	     Chassis,	Suspensions	and	Axles	
                                                            Facilitator: Rudy Anaya, Retired, Peterbilt Motors Company
                                                            Chassis, suspension and the axles are the foundation upon which you add the components
                                                            and systems to end up with a vehicle. Routine inspection and proper maintenance interval
                                                            schedules are imperative. All the technology we have will not warn you of the cracked axle seat
                                                            that can fail and put you in the ditch.

                                        3:30-5:00 p.m.	     OBD	II	–	No	Code	Diagnostics
                                                            Presenter: Ed Schaplow, Allview Services, Inc.
                                                            This session will help the technician with OBDII strategies, drive cycles, and diagnostic
                                                            procedures for vehicles with drivability issues and no DTC. Component and conditional failures
                                                            will be reviewed. Diagnostic procedures and pathways will be discussed. A question and answer
                                                            session will follow.

                                        	                   Daily	Pre-operational	Instruction	for	Derricks	&	Bucket	Trucks
                                                            Presenter: Alex Senf, Altec Industries, Inc
                                                            Are your operators aware that they are the first set of eyes to spot equipment problems? This
                                                            session will cover what is the daily pre-operational inspection that operators are required to do
                                                            per ANSI and OSHA.

                                        	                   Management	Roundtable	Forum
                                                            Forum Facilitator: John Breland, Freedom Truck Centers
                                                            An increasingly popular session, the Management Roundtable allows attendees to determine
                           “I value listening               session content. Over the last several years this session has facilitated spirited discussions
                           to other fleet                   covering the full spectrum of fleet management topics. Please bring your management
                           representatives and              challenges and solutions and join in the conversation.
                           mentally comparing to
                           my operation.”
                                         	                  Evaporative	Emissions	Testing	and	Diagnosis
                                                            Presenter: David May, Snap-on Industrial
                                                            This session will demonstrate proper evaporative testing techniques and troubleshooting,
                                                            tracking down those elusive codes, and verifying system performance.

At VMMC....

                                                                                       VMMC Session Information
Sessions for fleet managers and         Accommodations
supervisors:                            Guest rooms are available at
                                        the following hotels and motels.
Coatings                                Please specify VMMC, University of
Plug-in Electric Hybrid / Light Duty    Washington, when making reservations.
Management Roundtable                   All rates are subject to state and local
Greenhouse Gas Emissions                taxes of 15.6%. Reservations must
Specialty Vehicle Design                be made by February 22, 2010 to
                                        guarantee these rates.
Fuel & Lubes
Management of Hazardous Waste           University Inn
Tires & Wheels                          800-733-3855 or 206-632-5055
Performance Evaluations                 4140 Roosevelt Way NE
                                        Seattle, WA 98105
Fleet Hydrogen Hybrid Retrofits
                                        Single: $119
Fuel Saving Techniques & Equipment
Cooling System Maintenance              Silver Cloud Inn
                                        University District
                                        800-205-6940 or 206-526-5200
                                        5036 25th Ave NE
                                        Seattle, WA 98105
                                        Single King: $139-$149

                                        866-944-4242 (toll free) or 206-826-
                                        4242 Roosevelt Way NE
                                        Seattle, WA 98105
                                        Single: $145

                                        Other Accommodations

At VMMC....                             Hotel Deca
                                        800-899-0251 or 206-634-2000
Special UTILITY topics                  4507 Brooklyn Ave NE
                                        Seattle, WA 98105
Medium-Duty Hybrid Truck
Power Distribution Systems              Hotel Nexus
PM and Maintenance Self-Propelled       800-435-0754 or 206-365-0700
     Aerial, Work Platforms             2140 N Northgate Way
Daily Pre-operational Instruction for   Seattle, WA 98133
     Derricks and Bucket Trucks         Note: 5 miles north from the University
                                        of Washington
New Crane Standards
                                        The College Inn
                                        4000 University Way NE
                                        Seattle, WA 98105
                                        Bed and breakfast

                                        University Travelodge
                                        800-578-7878 or 206-525-4612
                                        4725 25th Ave NE
                                        Seattle, WA 98105

                         Your	Registration	Includes...
Additional Information
                         Full conference registration fee includes your choice of over
                         40 sessions, conference materials, bag, refreshment breaks,
                         lunch on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, indoor and outdoor
                         exhibits and Mini Tech-Challenge

                         other inforMation

                         Special Student Rates
                         VMMC is proud to support students enrolled in a vehicle maintenance programs at technical schools
                         or colleges. Students attending the conference are eligible for the special registration rate of $50 one-
                         day or $150 three-day. Please indicate which day you want to attend for “one-day” on the registration

                         Continuing Education Units (CEU)
                         Your may earn up to 1.8 CEUs when you attend technical presentations. The CEU is the nationally
                         recognized measure of participation in a continuing education program that meets established criteria
                         for increasing knowledge and competency. To receive a certification letter giving the number of CEUs
                         received for attending VMMC, you must sign the attendance sheet provided in the session classroom.
                         Please go the conference registration desk and ask for a certification letter stating the number of
                         CEUs you received. The letter will be mailed to you several weeks after the conference.

                         Conference Location
                         VMMC is held on campus during Spring break at the University of Washington, just north of downtown
                         Seattle. The University of Washington campus occupies 684 acres bordering Lake Washington and is
                         host to 35,000 students.

                         Prepaid Long-Term Parking Permit: You may purchase a long-term parking permit in advance for
                         March 22-24, 2010, by indicating your request on the registration form. Requests for long-term parking
                         permits will not be accepted after March 5. The cost is $45. The long-term permits are non-refundable
                         and cannot be replaced if lost or forgotten. Your permit will be mailed separately from the registration
                         confirmation to the address on the registration form. If you wish to have your permit sent to a different
                         address, please indicate the address on registration form.
                         Another option: Each day of the conference, you may purchase a daily parking permit for $15 at the
                         gatehouse when entering the University of Washington. No prepayment required.

                         If you register and cannot attend the conference, you may send another person in your place, with
                         advance notice. Please notify UW Educational Outreach Conference Registration at 206-543-5539 of
                         the substitution prior to March 19.

                         Cancellation Policy
                         If you cancel your registration on or before March 1, 2010, a refund of the registration fee less $50 will
                         be issued. After March 1, 2010, the registration fee is forfeited.

                         If you cancel the special session on Tire & Wheel Assembly Training after March 1, 2010, the $50 is

                         The $45 Long-Term Parking permit (March 22-24, 2010) is non-refundable.
Vehicle Maintenance Management Conference                               March 22-24, 2010

                                                                                               Online Registration Information
                      Registration Fee:$495 when received by March 1, 2010
                 Late Registration Fee:$595 when received or postmarked after March 1, 2010
             One-day only registration:$300
          One-day Student registration:$50 Technical, Vocational Schools or Colleges
        Three-day Student Registration:$150 Technical, Vocational Schools or Colleges
  Tire & Wheel Assembly Training Fee:  $50 (Pre-registration required. Cost covers Materials
                                             and Certificate)
                       Parking Permit: $45 (Prepaid Parking received by March 5, 2010)

                               Plan to attend!

                           Register online

                                       Register online at
                                or call if you have any questions:
                                  1-866-791-1275 (toll free)

                       VEhICLE MaINTENaNCE
                      MaNagEMENT CONfERENCE

                the premier west coast educational conference for the vehicle maintenance industry

                                          Plan to attend

                                          Designed by Industry for Industry

                                          University of Washington sponsored

                                          Diversity in sessions—something for everyone
  • MARCh 22-24, 2010                     Learning and shared experience!
    • Seattle, Washington

                                           If the person on this label is no longer employed at your company, please
                                           route this informative brochure to her/his replacement or department
                                                                                                                         Bulk Rate
                                           manager.                                                                     U.S. Postage
                                           Route to:                                                                        PaID
                                                                                                                        Seattle, WA
                                                                                                                       Permit No. 62
University of Washington                   Attention: Fleet Managers, Mechanics, Technicians
Educational Outreach
UW Conference Management
Box 359490
Seattle, WA 98195-9490


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