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    Yes vote for EB7
    Queensland’s public sector
                                                 proud of the package of wages and
                                                 conditions they were able to negotiate.
                                                 “The 94% yes vote at ballot indicates
                                                                                             Following Mater Public delegates putting
                                                                                             an urgency motion at our July Annual
                                                                                             Conference, QNU has written to the
    nurses and midwives can look                                                             Mater CEO seeking immediate action on
                                                 significant support for this agreement,”
    forward to a 12.5% pay rise and              she says.                                   the agreement, and has also sought an
    enhancements to a number                                                                 urgent meeting with senior management
    of other conditions after their              “The EB7 agreement is much more             representtives of Mater Public.
    EB7 agreement was approved                   than a pay rise however, as it also keeps
                                                 open the door for us to pursue and          It is critical to ensure nurses and
    and certified by the Industrial                                                          midwives at the Mater Public Hospitals
                                                 address critical nursing and midwifery
    Commisson in July.                                                                       are not disadvantaged compared to
                                                 issues now and in the coming years.
    Under the three-year agreement,                                                          colleagues in other public hospitals, and
                                                 “With funding provided under EB7            this was the intent of the Mater delegates’
    Queensland Health (QH) members
                                                 for four projects (see Pauline Ross’        urgency motion to QNU conference.
    will this month receive a 4.5% pay rise,
                                                 comments on page 17) to enhance the
    backdated to 1 April 2009, to become
                                                 role and powers of nurses and midwives
    the nation’s highest paid nurses and
    midwives in nearly all classifications.
                                                 and further improve their career
                                                 structure, we have real opportunity to
                                                                                             A way to go to fix health
    The 4.5% increase will be in members’        positively influence reform of our health   There’s still a way to go to fix the
    pays by late August and all back pay         system and advance the interests of         problems in health, according to a
    will be paid in the following fortnight.     QNU members.”                               critical report into the state’s future
                                                                                             health service planning.
    More than 25,000 nurses and midwives
                                                                                             The report by Auditor-General Glenn
                                                 Mater Public EB7
    in Queensland public hospitals and
    outpatient centres, primary and                                                          Poole, released in June, found no clear
    community health care facilities,               
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