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                                                 Thinking globally,
                                                 acting locally

                  Beth Mohle                       spending enough time with individual     We need to act both locally and
             QNU Assistant Secretary               patients as they think necessary.        globally to address high workloads and
                                                 » Nearly all nurses surveyed (96%)         inadequate staffing and skill mix. At the
                                                   say that spending more time with         local level it is imperative that we work
    Our recent QNU Annual Conference
                                                   individual patients would have a         collectively with colleagues to promptly
    highlighted the global nature of the
                                                   significant impact on patient health.    address workload and quality of care
    current challenges and opportunities
                                                                                            concerns. We have the ability, tools and
    that confront nursing and midwifery.         » Nearly half the nurses (46%) say their   frameworks to achieve this.
    Increasingly there will be a need for          workload is worse today compared to
                                                   five years ago, potentially impacting    For example, the implementation
    nursing unions and other nursing
                                                   the quality of patient care.             across Queensland Health of the
    organisations to work across national
                                                                                            4th edition of The Business Planning
    borders to address this myriad of            » Nurses are most concerned with
    common issues.                                                                          Framework: A tool for nursing workload
                                                   heavy workloads (42%), insufficient
                                                                                            management provides a validated
    The international nature of the nursing        pay and benefits (22%), a lack of
                                                                                            framework for matching the demand
    and midwifery workforce and the need           recognition for their work (15%) and
                                                                                            for nursing services with supply.
    for ethical and sustainable migration          too much bureaucracy (13%).
                                                                                            At the national and international level
    strategies to underpin mobility are          » The best part of their profession is
    critical issues all countries need to                                                   we also need to work more closely
                                                   helping patients, with nurses most
    confront urgently. Although there will                                                  with nursing unions and other nursing
                                                   likely to report that patient contact
    always be international health workforce                                
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