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    Don’t just make up the numbers
    There’s change happening all around us                                        7. I need professional staff looking out for
    —a changing global economy and critical                                          my interests.
    industrial and professional issues which are                                  These results tell us that regardless of the
    impacting on us now, or will in the future.                                   economic situation, and whether we’re in
    At QNU Annual Conference last month                                           prosperous or weaker times, we should never
    nearly 220 delegates put their collective                                     underestimate the importance of unions and
    heads together to make sense of this current                                  acting collectively.
    situation and plan a way forward.                                             Take for example our national Because We
    That’s the great thing about the QNU;                                         Care aged care campaign, which we launched
    we have the capacity to think and act                                         earlier this year.
    collectively, and ultimately the power to                                     Through this campaign we’ve been fighting
    influence change.                                                             hard to gain much needed improvements to
    We know there are some considerable                   Gay Hawksworth          the aged care industry.
    challenges still to face, but also significant         QNU Secretary          Thanks to our 170,000 strong nurse and
    opportunities to seize. Through the QNU,                                      midwife membership of the ANF, we’ve been
    I know we can achieve much.                                                   successful in placing our campaign high on
    We have this capacity because of our strength                                 the political and public agenda.
    in numbers. In fact, as at the end of June this                               We’re also having an impact at the local level
    year, over 38,000 midwives and nurses were                                    too where for the first time in over a decade
    members of our Union.                                                         we’ve had a positive growth in aged care
    As part of our performance monitoring                                         membership of the QNU.
    processes, earlier this year we developed a                                   Aged care nurses are looking to our Union
    ‘why join the QNU’ survey which we send to                                    and to this campaign for much needed
    every new member.                  
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