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									YOUR UNION

    Members determine
    the way forward
                                                                          Desley Geraghty-Rudd,
    Member activism is a key ingredient          which include direction and focus,
    of democracy. That’s why it was so           organisational, industrial, professional,
    fantastic to see over 220 members            social, political and democratic.
    actively participating in our democratic     Motions from each branch were sent to
    processes at QNU Annual Conference           the QNU nine weeks prior to the start        Conferences, Council meets to oversee
    last month.                                  of Conference. All branches were then        the implementation of these decisions
    Conference is the body responsible for       sent the full list of motions to enable      and does all the things necessary to
    the formulation of policy governing the      them to form a position on each one.         achieve the objectives of our Strategic
    QNU, and the future activities of our        Branches then instructed their delegates     Plan.
    Union are determined at this event.          to Conference how they must vote on          Each Conference also elects members
    At Conference members participated           their behalf. This process ensures the       to the Industrial and Professional
    in three days of discussion and debate       widest possible input from members in        Policy Committee, which operates
    around the Union’s directions and            determining the policies and activities of   between Conference to assist with the
    policies and heard from a range of           the QNU over the next year.                  development of policies in accordance
    interesting speakers on current issues       At Conference all motions become             with Conference decisions.
    affecting nurses and midwives and            agenda items for debate. Branches            This year Conference also elected
    our profession (see page 14 for more         have the opportunity to speak for or         delegates to the ANF National
    information).                                against the motion as well as amend          Conference (this occurs every two years).
    Elected delegates who attended were          the motion before a vote of all delegates
                                                                                              Annual Conference provided a great
    able to put forward motions on behalf        occurs. Over 90 items were debated and
                                                                                              forum for branch delegates to consult
    of their branch. The motions developed       voted on.
                                                                                              with the Secretary and Assistant
    by local branches were grouped               The decisions of Conference are then         Secretary, Councillors and Executive
    according to the 
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