Cloudy skies for airlines as fliers ground travel plans by ProQuest


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									Cloudy skies for airlines as fliers ground travel plans
Carriers announce furloughs, cutbacks; Continental indicates more cuts to come
          By JOÃO-PIERRE S. RutH                     a specific total.                                        Con-
SKIES REMAIN CLOuDY for the travel indus-                 “We’re in the process of working through       tinental pre-
try, as traffic has remained down for at least       offering voluntary programs to different            viously announced
eight consecutive months at Newark Liberty           workgroups to try to mitigate the impact of         it would cut 500
International Airport, according to the latest       furloughs,” said Continental Airlines spokes-       reservation agent posi-
available reports from the Port Authority of         woman Mary Clark. A regional breakdown              tions, and gave leaves of absence
New York and New Jersey. Both cargo and pas-         of Continental’s cutbacks is expected in late       to 700 flight attendants.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Jupiter Images
senger travel continued to decline in the spring,    September, she said.                                     Clark said the latest round of cutbacks
though the hurting subsided somewhat for pas-             Continental had a staff of 13,483 at Newark    may not necessarily impact flight activity. u
senger travel.                                       Liberty as of the second quarter, Clark said.                             E-mail to
      Based on its latest available traffic report
from the Port Authority, passenger travel at
Newark Liberty was down 3.6 percent, to 2.96

million passengers, in April compared with the
year-ago period. The previous three months of
2009 averaged 12 percent declines compared
with their prior year periods. Cargo traffic was

down 22.8 percent for April.
      Calls to Port Authority officials seeking
elaboration on the impact of ongoing declines
were not returned.

      Newark Liberty is far from alone in its
springtime slump. On July 21, Air Transport
Association of America, a trade organization

    “We’re in the process of
   working through o ering                                               Of
voluntary programs to di erent
workgroups to try to mitigate the
     impact of furloughs”

   Mary Clark, Continental Airlines spokeswoman

for domestic airlines, said passenger revenue
across the country fell 26 percent in June
compared with the year-ago period.
     According to Elizabeth Merida, man-
ager of communications with ATA, carriers                          Count On Columbia For Commercial Loans
discounted their prices to encourage more
business. However, pass
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