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									          inform August 2009, Vol. 20 (8)              527

       the oxidation and mineralization rate of       enhancement on the mineralization of sur-       pharmaceutical-quality results without the
       SDBS were significantly enhanced under         factants is attributed to the high adsorption   prescription or the high price.
       185–254 nm irradiation by oxygen nano-         capability of nanobubbles, because of the            For chemical suppliers geared toward
       bubbles. Although a high concentration of      small particle size offering a large surface    the construction and automotive industries,
       surfactant was used in this study, SDBS        area to facilitate the reaction.”               the last 18 months have been tough as the
       removal is effective in the integrated nano-        The study appeared in Industrial &         housing, finance, and automobile markets
       bubbles/vacuum ultraviolet system, via         Engineering Chemistry Research (48:4237–        crawled to a near halt amid the worst reces-
       the observation of 99.8% SDBS oxida-           4244, 2009).                                    sion in recent history. However, suppliers in
       tion and 76.8% total organic compound                                                          the personal care space enjoyed solid gains
       removal after 24 hours of irradiation,” they
       continue.                                      Personal care                                   in 2008 as personal care specialty chemi-
                                                                                                      cals have been able to maintain their spe-
                                                      market remains
             “The current study investigates the                                                      cialty status and healthy margins, while
       effect of [the] size of bubble on the min-
                                                                                                      other classes of polymers, additives, and
       eralization rate of SDBS. Furthermore, the
       rates of surfactant degradation were com-      promising                                       engineered plastics, once considered spe-
                                                                                                      cialty products, have been commoditized
       pared with those of nonsurfactants such as
                                                                                                      (see Fig. 1).
       benzene sulfonate. It was found that the       Anna Ibbotson
                                                                                                           Specialty products represent about
       mineralization of SDBS surfactants with
       nanobubbles was observed to be more effec-     Despite the economic downturn, the per-         40% of the $10 billion-plus personal care
       tive than that with microbubbles (diameter     sonal care industry remains an attrac-          ingredients industry, with an array of per-
       = 75.8 μm). The comparative results show       tive market for suppliers of performance        formance products, including actives,
       that the mineralization rate of surfactants    ingredients aimed at delivering the results     delivery systems, film formers, sensorial
       was much faster than the nonsurfactants in     consumers demand from hair and skin             agents, rheology-control agents, and spe-
       the presence of nanobubbles under 185–254      products. The market is ripe for savvy sup-     cialty surfactants, among others. As con-
       nm irradiation,” they note.                    pliers who can find the right niche and the     sumers demand better performance at lower
             The researchers concluded: “Based       
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