Degradation of alkylbenzene sulfonates by ProQuest


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									                                                                                      526        inform August 2009, Vol. 20 (8)

                                                    The green trend is affecting custom-
                                              ers of specialty biocides within the house-      CED: Call for papers
                                              hold, industrial, and institutional cleaning     The CED (Comité Español de la Detergen-
                                              products sector, Kline says. The impor-          cia Tensidactivos y Afines) has issued a call
                                              tance of this trend has been acknowledged        for paper proposals for its annual meeting,
                                              not only by such specialty companies as          April 14–15, 2010, in Barcelona.
                                              Method Home Products and Seventh Gen-                 The topics to be covered include raw
                                              eration, Inc., but by major companies in         materials, synthesis and analysis, new
                                              the industry, signified, for example, by         developments and applications, phys-
                                              Clorox’s introduction in January 2008 of         ico-chemistry, environment, legislation,
  fied and carbon neutral” has been           its new product line, Green Works. Simi-         markets, and consumption/distribution.
  introduced in Canada. Manufactured          larly, consumer products manufacturers are       The submission deadline is September 30,
  by Montreal-based Bio Spectra, the          using more environmentally friendly bio-         2009; paper proposals should be submitted
  Attitude® line-up of products includes      cides in disinfectants and sanitizers rather     via (e-mail: ced@
  laundry detergents, autodish deter-         than other biocide formulations.       
  gents, and fabric softener. The prod-             “Although green cleaning products
                                              only comprise a small percentage of the
  ucts are certified by the EcoLogo
  program administered by Terrachoice,
                                              total household, industrial, and institutional
                                              cleaning products market, sustainability
                                                                                               Chemrez to expand
  a marketing firm based in Ottawa,                                                            Oleochemicals producer Chemrez Tech-
                                              and environmental responsibility is where
  Ontario, Canada.                            the industry is focused,” says Anna Ibbot-       nologies Inc. of the Philippines is expand-
                                              son, industry manager at Kline’s Chemi-          ing its business abroad, according to the
  LS9, Inc., an industrial biotechnology      cals and Materials practice. “As there is        Manila Times newspaper. A publicly listed
  company based in South San Francisco,       currently no uniform industry definition for     firm, ChemrezTech manufactures biodiesel,
  California, USA, has announced a stra-      green, it creates a huge challenge for chem-     powder coatings, resins, and other specialty
  tegic partnership with The Procter &        ical suppliers to develop and then posi-         chemicals. Last year, Chemrez’s exports
  Gamble Co. The partnership includes         tion their products to address this market       to Thailand, Japan, Australia, Turkey, and
  a multiyear collaboration to accelerate     movement.”                                       the United States accounted for 15% of its
  the adoption of LS9’s proprietary tech-           More information about the report is       total revenues of P4.66 billion (roughly $96
  nology in the production of a broad         available at                 million).
  portfolio of products, including sustain-                                                          The company’s chief finance officer,
                                                                                               Alvin Lao, told the newspaper that Chemrez
  able chemicals and renewable trans-
  portation fuels.                            P&G names new                                    plans to develop new products in order to

                                                                                               build its coco methyl e
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